This is what we do. Don't try to make sense of it. Don't try to demystify it. This is something that wells up from our deepest parts. We do not have to justify the fantasies that we consent to. No matter what it looks like to you. Doms and Bottoms, Tops and Slaves, we role play as we like to express and exercise those parts of us that we wish to explore. We do this together. Here. At SocietySM and DungeonCorp we simply play with feelings and emotions...this is our right, this is our purpose. Every person within these pages was a consenting participant but that doesnt make it any less perverted. This is something we are ok with...This is something we celebrate within these pages. Very Seriously...

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04/11/2014 - Scarlett Fay 4 Scenes - 415 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 415 Photos - 63 Minutes Video

Scarlett is a super sexy, young girl with creamy skin and an ass for days. We have worked with her before and know that she can take some pain. Feenix starts her off rigged standing up, nearly hanging by her hair, but she squirms too much so he decides to tighten her bindings, attaching her from all sides to the metal rig. Once he is satisfied that she can't move an inch he brings out the mini vibe but only to tease and deny her the privilege of an orgasm. Next, We rig her bent over with her big, plump rear end and soft pink pussy exposed for torment. Feenix adds heavily weighted nipple clamps before flogging, caning and tickling her lovely backside and feet. He lubes up the magic wand in a pool of Scarlett's drool and uses it to bring her to a screaming painful orgasm. Then we put her back in a standing rig with much less support from her feet, testing her hair suspension abilities further. Feenix uses the violet wand to electrocute her toes and soaking pussy. He puts on an incredibly tight crotchrope to warm her up while he canes clothespins running up and down her slender waist. Once he thinks she can't handle any more pain, he leaves her there to cum alone with a Hitachi affixed to the crotchrope. Poor Scarlett is beat and exhausted but we're not quite through using her pretty body yet. Finally she is suspended spread eagle in the center of the metal rig with the TENS unit electrifying her supple thighs and the breast pumps squeezing her tits. When she is in tears from the pain, Feenix gives her one last burst of pleasure with the dick stick combo, but not before making her beg him first.... ShootID: SCA_032514

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