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06/10/2010 - Felony Slave, Sasha Knox 5 Scenes - 391 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
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The Pope and Sasha Knox find themselves wishing for a hot, young, stranger to play with...there's only one solution to the problem...they must resort to the puppy technique...which pretty much consists of getting a cute puppy, wait for a hot chic to stroll by, ask them if they'd like to check out your new puppies...and Wa-la...You got the hapless, hot chic just where you want her...It's a dastardly plot indeed and it works on Felony...I'm thinking she was looking for some fun anyway...cause once they get her in the house and start to manhandle and strip her, she just doesnt put up much resistance at all...Felony falls right into line like a good girl...and the Pope uses her and Sasha for the rest of the day...Great scenes, hot friggin models and a nice little fantasy role play for your enjoyment...OGRE ShootID: SSM_FEL_060210

10/14/2009 - Felony Slave 5 Scenes - 313 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Felony's body begs for attention and attention is what it will receive... She learns quickly that playtime with Ogre will take on a meaning that she has never imagined the definition of. Her body is laid bare as her Master puts her through her paces... The pain is strong and her orgasms are intense and wet. Her screams echo off the Dungeon walls as she travels on her dark journey...

09/24/2008 - Felony Slave 5 Scenes - 456 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This weeks video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6... Felony's a pain slut and her pussy was already sopping wet before the shoot began. Once free of her clothes, sexy Felony finds herself purely at the mercy of her Master as The Pope reaches deep into his bag of tricks. The result is one highly intense pain session as Felony is pushed far beyond her orgasmic edge. Tight in her binds in a variety of ties and suspensions, Felony receives special attention from all the shop toys and puts on an extreme squirting display that can only be described as volcanic...

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