Karina Ballerina Updates

10/16/2004 - Karina Ballerina 3 Scenes - 133 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
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Karina is taken away to a warehouse where she is sexually tormented by a the first scene, Karina is tied standing to a column...Her hands are pulled above her head and she struggles to get away...Ogre comes in with a vibrator and brings the helpless damsel to coerced orgasms...In the second scene, Karina is naked and tied to a chair...Ogre gags her with a bit gag and has fun groping her naked body...Karina starts on the ground as she struggles and questions, then she is hoisted into the air...Ogre enters to gag her with a large purple ball...he spanks her swinging ass and gropes her trussed tits...he pulls her around by her hair and leaves her there to contemplate her helpless the next scene, Karina is collared and naked...Ogre leads her in by a leash and fixes it to the beams above...he commands her to stand still as he begins to wrap her in violet celophane...the encasement isn't complete until he turns on a vibrating dildo and inserts it into the package...cleave gaged, Karina is placed on the floor where Ogre spanks her...then he rips away the wrap on her breasts to enjoy her soft flesh...a blindfold and Karina is left to struggle and whne...

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