Morgan March Updates

07/18/2012 - Morgan March 4 Scenes - 175 Photos - 45 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 175 Photos - 45 Minutes Video

A perennial favorite, Morgan March makes her return to DungeonCorp this week. And to change things up we've placed her in the hands of a new Dom, Ivan. Now, Ivan's a big fella and he doesn't mince words or beat around the bush as he starts putting Ms. March through her paces. Tied, down on the couch, her ass reddens with the open handed slaps that are dished out to her before her clothing is rudely removed...Once laid bare, Morgan is groped meticulously and then spread-eagle. Exposed and bare, now Morgan gets a true taste of what Ivan has in mind for her. Her body is probed, she feels the sting of the clamps on her taut nipples and she experiences mind bending orgasms as he toys with her. It's a great homecoming for Morgan as Ivan pulls out all the stops. He explores her body well...dishing out the lashes and pushing her to her limits right up to the final writhing orgasm... ShootID: MOR_071212

12/28/2011 - Morgan March 4 Scenes - 224 Photos - 40 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 224 Photos - 40 Minutes Video

One of our most popular models throughout the years, Morgan March, returns to sacrifice herself to my whims...Morgan is a natural damsel and she loves playing the role, but today I give her lots of something that she doesnt like very much....pain...which leads me to an interesting point...Morgan and I were a couple for 4 wasnt a quiet time of our lives...we have both since moved on, but this shoot was special to me...getting your hands on an ex of four years is quite rewarding...she is tied and gagged and left to roll around on a mattress...I lay down with her and begin to grope's not long before I'm spanking her ass and it's easy to see that Morgan is in for a long day...I continue with floggers and have to straddle her to keep her still...i complete the hogtie and leave her...We bend her over and stretch her out leaving her ass very vulnerable...impact play and increasingly larger sizes of anal plugs warms her up for massive juicy orgasms as I fuck her with a dildo from behind...then I rig her into a chair with her legs jacked back...nooses around each nipple are wieghted down with lead...then I continue to work her pussy and ass until she reaches a point of uber-sensitivity and she screams out from the intense vibrations...then I cane her inner thighs and pussy until she thoroughly begs me to the final scene, I spread her out and impale her pussy...then I flog and whip her...Morgan's enjoyment of such things shows as she gets very upset...our poor girl is so far gone she cant even handle a magic wand on her pussy...Ogre... ShootID: MOR_122111

08/18/2010 - Morgan March 5 Scenes - 317 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 317 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

PigFuck calls himself a collector...he's a mysteriously rich man, and very few have seen his's not hard to lose your identity...this guy aparently started out in the midwest somewhere...he made it big with big money...some say real estate, some say mob ties...but that was years ago...he dropped out of our world and into his own...with only his companion, Mr. Stull at his side...that's Big Bad Stull...Mr. Stull takes care of Pigfuck, his money and his prostitutes...PigFuck lives for whores...that's all his life far as anyone can tell...he loves to offer them money in return for putting up with his he might say...buying them is a he actually out of his mind? or does he just like fucking with people? either way, I'm quite jealous of him...he has enough money to bribe women into doing the most heinous long do they stay? how much can they take? how much do they want his bonuses?...PigFuck knows, every woman has a price...It's said that he once spanked Marbaret Thatcher for 25 million dollars...Pamela Anderfon went for much, much less...buying cheap whores like Morgan March is pocket change to him...Three thousand? Ten thousand? Whatever it takes to get them naked and tied up...and whatever it takes to keep them chasing that green...this is how PigFuck gets to have his way...Morgan posted an escort ad and Mr. Stull contacted her...So she shows up at the hillside estate ready for a rich pervert to sweep her away for the night...what she gets is something more perverted than she could have imagined...she agrees to the deal...Ten thousand dollars for 24 hours...but she is confused when Mr. Stull explains that there will be no sex...shackled in a cage, she is made to witness Pigfuck with another one of his PigWhores...Tati Russo also took his deal...who knows how long she has been there...she is lashed to a spanking bench...then Pigfuck plays with her...Morgan is shocked as Stull ropes her securely to an old dentist chair...he assures her that she will be OK...It's hard to explain PigFuck's style of play...think MindFuck...theink dental gags and dental tools...poor Morgan can't take the treatment...PigFuck orders her to the sweathouse...where the perviously trusted Mr. Stull has his way with her...then leaves her in the dark to endure the heat...PIgFuck relaxes by the pool as Stull climbs in to wash Morgan and her bad attitude...he spins her over and over in the water and PigFuck yells at her...Morgan decides to make a break...for some reason, she would rather escape, naked and bound, with no money at all, than to continue playing PigFuck's game, or to give in to him and his money at all...a hooker hero...OGRE ShootID: MOR_080610

12/30/2009 - Morgan March 5 Scenes - 406 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Gallery 1

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week we've begun implementing some new features. You will now find that gallery one will lead you a single, easy to navigate page that will provide you with all the video clips, photos and our new flash streaming videos. We hope you enjoy the changes we are making as we here at DungeonCorp continue to work towards making your experience an enjoyable one...Morgan has been one of our slaves for quite a few years but, lately she hasn't been pulling her weight. I decided it was time for her to start making some money, and I have the perfect way to do it. I have an old client come by that is interested in her but, she fails to please him, so I bring out one of the male slaves and threaten her with him. You would think that she would strive to do better but, I guess it's hard when I keep setting her up to fail anyway. She is subjected to some of the most degrading circumstances and her pussy stays wet because of it. Maybe she doesn't want to succeed.....The Pope

12/05/2007 - Morgan March 7 Scenes - 290 Photos - 84 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

The much anticipated sequel and Bondage Fantasy Feature has arrived from DungeonCorp©... In Jail or Slavery Part 2, the madness continues for lovely Morgan. As she awakes from what she only wishes was a horrible nightmare, Morgan quickly learns that it indeed was not a dream and the previous days events were just the tip of the iceburg. After her boss, JD, resumes his sadistic punishment, he hands off the duties to his equally twisted cohorts, who carry on in their own twisted fashion right up until the final shocking conclusion...

09/12/2007 - Morgan March 6 Scenes - 323 Photos - 72 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

DungeonCorp brings you another Bondage Fantasy Feature starring Morgan March in an excellent performance, in Part One of Jail Or Slavery...Morgan is a good girl and has a good job...shes the kind of woman that men like and women do not...she just has one little secret and on this day, her boss, JD, finds it out...Morgan is subjected to an ugly face jail or become his slave for the weekend...he gets the upper hand and he keeps it...What will he do with his sexy new slavegirl?

06/20/2007 - Morgan March 5 Scenes - 243 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

After a long break from modeling, which you can hear about during her interview, Morgan March is back for torment and pleasure with SocietySM...she puts on a hot little red outfit for us and we drool over her long, thin body as she talks about her experiences with BDSM...we have her suck a huge dildo for us, then we have her strip...she is directed to gag herself...then onto the bed where we have prepared four at each corner...Sexy Morgan slips her ankles in...then her wrists...she seems hesitant to pull tight on the ropes, but she does, and the nooses tighten around her limbs leaving her helpless and spread...there's nothing like making a hot, little, bitch tie herself up for you...the Pope enters the scene and begins by tightening the ropes...he spreads her our tight, then whips her...then a dildo on a stick and the magic wand gives her two of her many screaming orgasms of the day...Morgan has one of those pussies that can cum over and over...but it's as much torment as it is the next scene, we roll her over on her stomach...her legs are spread and her hands are tied behind her back...we rig her body into a harness and pull it up to keep her torso off the bed...the Pope whips her until Morgan can take no more of the rig we have her we let her body rest on the bed and move on...the Pope continues with dildo and vibrator and Morgan cums with the next scene, we tie her up like a pretzel...on her back, thighs pulled back to her shoulders...arms over her legs and tied down...she is completely helpless as the Pope rigs her huge nipples with electric clamps...he holds the magic wand on her cunt until her pussy is frothing and poor Morgan is screaming and struggling the best she can, which isn't very much...then we stand her up with her hands over head...her legs are strapped open and the Pope uses electricity on her nipples and inner thighs...Morgan thrashes as the current stuns her...then it's more screaming orgasms...the Pope hangs weights from her pussy lips and it's rare that we see a model thrash around from sheer anxiety like Morgan...but once he gets them on, she settles down nicely...afterall, struggling after they are on only makes them hurt the final scene, we strap Morgan to a chair...the vibrator is rigged directly to her cunt and the Pope clamps her nipples and leaves her to cum over and over...we signed Morgan to a one-year slave contract, so you'll be able to enjoy her screams until the summer of 2008...

09/07/2005 - Morgan March 3 Scenes - 124 Photos - 18 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

They just don't come any cuter than Morgan March...the little blonde vixen begins in red lingerie...Ogre ties her to a chair...her hands, which are tied behind her back, are also anchored to the back of the chair...he pulls each ankle up and ties it off, keeping her legs spread and her sweet pussy exposed...He uses a scarf to gag her...he pulls her top up and plays with her nipples as he fingers her pussy...a cupping set is used to suck her huge nipples and he teases her pussy as he pumps it with the next scene, Morgan's hands are tied and pulled above her head...her feet are tied together and Ogre pulls her up, onto her toes...he procedes to crop and flog her...first her front, then Morgan is turned so he may whip her ass...Ogre pulls her feet from the ground and leaves her helplessly the final scene, Morgan is rigged for a spread ankle suspension...Ogre pulls the table out from under her and she hangs in the air as she whines...Ogre takes advantage by sucking her juicy pussy...

07/24/2005 - Morgan March 3 Scenes - 172 Photos - 14 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Morgan had decided to give up bondage shoots after a couple bad experiences with unscrupulous bondage producers...she is just so sweet and's very easy to take advantage of her...especially when she's all tied up...and they did...the folks at SocietySM were disappointed...but they figured a way to get one more BDSM shoot out of Morgan...the Pope went out looking and found her...he brings her back to the studio, tape gagged and tied up in the trunk of his car...Ogre couldn't be happier when he opens the trunk to see her...the two men begin to remove her clothes and taunt her, then they lift her tied body from the car...Ogre sits her down on the work bench to tell her how it is...and he uses shop clamps on her nipples to drive the point home...In the next scene, Morgan has been stripped naked...she is strapped in black leather from her neck to ankles...her ass sticks up in the air, her feet and neck and tied down and Morgan whines and wonders what will happen to her...Ogre spanks her and fingers her pussy and ass...then he uses a saw-zaw fucking machine to fuck her helplessly exposed pussy....This is a bondage fantasy...Morgan is doing fine and still shooting bondage...for some companies :)

06/30/2005 - Morgan March 2 Scenes - 103 Photos - 21 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Blonde angel, Morgan March is back with SSM for torment and pleasure at the hands of Ogre...He dresses her in black thigh-highs, panties and a corsett...he backs her into a corner and directs her to touch herself and strip...Morgan is so precious with her hands shackled above her head...she waits for Ogre who enters soon after to have his fun...He applies mousetraps to her dreamy nipples and makes her suck his finger as her gropes her pussy...he ropes her ankle and pulls one leg into the air to open her pussy...then mousetraps are applied to her labia...Morgan is gagged with a scarf and Ogre leaves her there to whine and beg like only she can...In the next scene, Morgan is cuffed and spread eagle on a black platform...Ogre flogs her front as she begs for mercy...then she is made to suck a dildo on a stick...he tape gags her and the dildo is then used to fuck her pussy...her adds a vibrator and Morgan is forced into sweet orgasms...

05/17/2005 - Morgan March 3 Scenes - 111 Photos - 24 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Lovely little Morgan March begins in a tight, reverse-tie while naked...Her ankles are pulled behind her and tied up to her wrists which are pulled behind her head...we sit her up on her knees to observe her deliciously lean body...then we lay Morgan on a wooden plank on her back...we use black leather straps and screws to drill her into the plank...once she is securely bound to the plank, Ogre raises it into the air...the plank hangs vertically and Morgan swings helplessly in the air...Ogre flogs her breasts and pussy...he uses his finger to swing her around by her pussy...then he uses a vibrator to make Morgan cum and beg for the last scene, Morgan's legs are frogtied and spread....her hands are tied down and tight ropes around her chest and tummy keep her immobile on the bench...Ogre comes in to prime her pussy with some fingering and groping....two other gas-masked males join Ogre as they each take turns fucking her with a dildo attatched to a long bamboo pole...they gag her with duct tape and they taunt, tease and grope her...poor, sweet Morgan is left helpless on the bench with a sore and wet pussy...

04/12/2005 - Morgan March 3 Scenes - 199 Photos - 28 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Morgan is a thin, little blonde..cute as a button and sexy as hell...and nothing could be anymore preciously-helpless than Morgan when she's all tied up and gagged...she's laying on the bed, and the blindfold over her eyes keeps her from struggling too much from fear of falling off the edge...Ogre comes in to enjoy her captivity...he pulls her clothes away as he gropes her silkened skin...Morgan only protests a bit as he pulls down her panties and begins to finger her pussy...Ogre then hogties the next scene, Morgan's fragile frame is spread eagle...a steel ring holds her mouth open...Ogre tightens the ratchets, pulling Morgan tight across the bed....He uses clamps on her pussy and ties them down to the footboard, giving good pull to her labia...a suction device and vibrator are used to prime her pussy before Ogre holds the magic wand between her naked thighs until she begs him to stop...Morgan is then tied spread eagle on her stomach...a head harness ball-gag fills her mouth as Ogre flogs her ass and thighs...then the cold steel pussy hook...Ogre inserts the hook into her pussy and ties it up to the head harness...every move of her head causes pulling in her pussy and Ogre enjoys the moans as he spanks her bare ass red...

11/22/2004 - Morgan March 3 Scenes - 200 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Morgan is a fragile little angel, but Ogre doesnt take it easy on her at all in this SSM the first photo set, Morgan is tied in the clothes she shows up in...tiny pink shorts and a white top... Ogre carries her into the room and immedialey begins to grope her...he lifts her off the ground by her crotch and then takes her to the ground to be stripped...once naked, Morgan is bent over his knee for a nice spanking...then on the ground with legs spread so Ogre can rub and finger her pussy...he reties her in a hogtie and leaves her to have anxious thoughts about the rest of her day with the next scene, Morgan is naked and tied standing with legs spread and hands behind her back...Ogre uses a 2x4 tied between two uprights as a pony that is jammed into her crotch...he uses tight clamps on her nipples and pulls then out to the beam in front of her...then takes her hands and pulls them up, behind her to the other beam...poor Morgan is in helpless pain os Ogre teases her clit and spanks her perfect ass...he blindfolds her and leaves her there to whimper and whine...then Morgan is tied spread on her back...Ogre gropes her juicy pussy before fucking it with a dildo on a pole and buzzing her clit with a heated vibrator...Morgan is naked and tied standing in the middle of the room with hands above head and her legs spread...tape keeps her silent as Ogre's fingers find her pussy helpless and wet...he uses clothepins on her arms, nipples, tummy and inner thighs...Morgan begs for thier removal and Ogre ends her pain...but decides to hurt her again by clamping her labia and tying them down to a sandbag on the floor...Morgan moans as Ogre takes pictures

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03 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Wood clip the best, lol

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15 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: Great going! This is JUST the thing I am looking for! 10/10.

25 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: All in one action! Nice! Videos are downloadable!

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