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04/23/2008 - Natalie Minx 5 Scenes - 226 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

While fetish model extraordinaire, Natalie strips for us, we get our first glimpse of her sexy body. She then clamps her massive nipples and gags herself as she readies herself for what awaits... Natalie next finds herself tied to the dungeon wall. Her Master, The Pope, enters the scene with flogger in hand and works over Natalie's pale white flesh. Then, The Pope places TENS pads underneath her hefty breasts and powers up his slave's sizeable, fleshy globes. Natalie looks nervously around the room when The Pope brandishes the magic wand which, he utilizes to bring Natalie to a series of orgasms. Next, Natalie is tied on her tummy to the wooden bench. She squeals and squirms as her Master runs the spiked wheel down her legs and feet. The Pope then decides to change gears a little by grabbing his cane and using it on his slave. When Natalie begs for the punishment to subside, The Pope pulls out his flogger and turns the heat up a notch. With her ass tattered red, Natalie's cunt is vibed once again while the flogging continues... With her hands now tied overhead, Natalie is crotch-roped to a spreader bar. Her nipples and tits are clamped with clothespins and then, her ass receives another wicked flogging. As Natalie stands in her bound postion in discomfort, The Pope buries the wand against her clit and Natalie begs for release. As she commits to orgasm, The Pope removes the pins on her chest and then returns to the vibe so he can bring her off again... Natalie squirms as she is bound tightly atop the table. When The Pope is satisfied that she is positioned to his liking, a brutal foot and pussy flogginf ensues. Then, clamps are fitted to her nipples and tied off to her toes. With his slave's legs wide, The Pope takes adavantage again and we witness Natalie cum again as her pussy goes into sensitivity overload. By this time, Natalie is exhausted mentally and physically. But, The Pope storms on in his quest for total domination. After his slave is bound face down in heavy rope, he spreads her legs and once again presses the vibe against her clit. Natalie, who is already experiencing overload, convulses and squirms as her Master brings her to an explosive finale... Video clips can be found atop galleries: 2,3,4,5 & 6.

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Previous comments:
14 Oct 2008 Benjamin wrote: How to watch the movies?

14 Jul 2008 Garfold wrote: Natalie is a super model. She's lovely to look at. You should consider doing a double penetration on her while she's suspended. This woman is definitely "hot!"

18 Jun 2008 icepack01 wrote: She need to be taught how to pose her feet. She didn't move them until the end of the scene, which would have been grat while her feet where getting tortured in the close ups. Other that that, I like what you do!!

05 May 2008 AX wrote: The foot and nipple torture was great. I liked the part when The Pope completed the pain and tied her nipples to her toes and made her cum!!!!

10/24/2007 - Natalie Minx 5 Scenes - 305 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Dressed in her silky black top and plaid schoolgirl mini-skirt, Ms. Minx is definitely a treat to the eyes. Natalie has a beautiful body, hefty breasts and milky white skin. She loves bondage, and it is certainly no wonder that we are more than happy to welcome her back to the site. As Natalie undresses before us, we get to lay our eyes upon her and envision how she will appear in a submissive state. Luckily for all of us, we don't have to wait too long... Natalie is struggling, her pretty mouth gagged and her wrists bound in rope above her head, as her Master enters the room. After his initial inspection, Master Bill gets right down to business as he gives Ms. Minx a nice spanking and removes her top so those juicy orbs can spring free. After working Natalie's naked body over with his flogger, Master Bill brings on the magic wand and rudely coerces Natalie to a drooling orgasm. Next, Natalie has her tits bound in heavy rope. Her legs are locked into a spreader bar, her body is immobile as she is tied to steel poles. Her Master teases her nipples and cunt, then attaches electric clamps to her pussy lips. Natalie moans in pleasure and pain as Master Bill fingers her clit and pinches her nipples while the electricity flows to her labia. Nipple clamps are attached to her massive nipples, and once again the wand works it's magic on Natalie's pussy until she is brought to another shuddering orgasm... Now, Natalie is bent over a bench, her legs and wrists are tightly bound to it's legs. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and then tied off to the ceiling. Master Bill enters again and flogs and canes her naked ass and legs. The cane is dropped only to be substituted with a pole mounted dildo which is promptly shoved in Natalie's pussy. While the dildo is pumped in and out of her sopping hole, the magic wand is pressed against her clit. As Ms. Minx totally commits to her Master's wishes, she grinds her pussy against the toys as she is forced to cum... Next, Natalie is gagged and bound, wearing a collar around her neck that is attached to her ankles. Her Master immediately goes for her exposed pussy and fingers and slaps her cunt. And just as you thought she was impervious to any more forced orgasms, Natalie is rolled over on her side, and brought to another whimpering orgasm... Naked and sweaty, Natalie is tied to the throne in the dungeon, a vibrator is rigged and harnessed to her pussy. Her Master clamps her nipples, sets the vibrator on high and walks away. As Ms. Minx is left alone to fend for herself, we watch in awe as she is brought off to a series of lonely, shuddering orgasms.

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Previous comments:
24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Naughty girl, no panties needs to be disciplined and spanked!

20 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: What a Minx she IS!! Gorgeous! I LOVE the uniform strip-off in gallery one! But why are the slave/models NEVER caned or spanked in their schoolgirly costumes? After all, they are VERY naughty! 10/10 to the Minx.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Bound breasts are great especially when they are perfect as these ones! Positions are nothing special, but ok!

03 Nov 2007 perv wrote: nice girl and nice tits clamps. I love it !!!

30 Oct 2007 Ogre wrote: The .rm clips have been fixed. Thanks

30 Oct 2007 Kaz wrote: The Links for the Real Player Videos are only leading to Html File. Can you fix it please?

27 Oct 2007 The Droc wrote: Oooooohhhh Man..... I just Love it when you light up their little love boxes with the electrified clips on those tender twat lips! I see you got Ms. Minx all the way up on her tippy toes by Juicein up her her poooor poooor Pussy Pie! Now thats how you know she can really feel it in her tender twat lips! Man she is gorgeous suffering like that! Me thinks she did not really care for the clover clamps on her nipples too much either. I love the look on her face as you start to apply them to her left nipple, and as you vibe her poooor pulsing pussy to overload! I do wonder this... If you ever do find a girl that has been "Bad" enough to try the lectric' clamps on her Outer And Inner lips (Mmmmmmm, I'm still drooling on that thought...). How would that work? Do you think that she could feel the long slow pluses through her outer lips, at the same time as the short jackhammer pluses through her tender little inner lips? Or would you have to alternate from one set of lips to the other? I would hope that by using seperate channels, and or boxes you could force her to take both types of shocks at the same time! With a few good long hard jolts jacked deep into her fuck hole with that evil lectrifyed' Dildo for good measure! As I said... Better save that for a little Bitch that has been really, really "Bad"!

27 Oct 2007 pas wrote: Great but don't forget girls have 3 holes!So please more anal stuff. And like a lot of members I would like to see 2 or 3 nude slaves together with the master.

25 Oct 2007 Damien wrote: YES!!! I love it when they're gradually stripped down!

25 Oct 2007 Diesel from Detroit wrote: Love Natalie Minx. She's a true professional. I would like to see more models of color and I love heels. I am a new member. I like your style. Keep up the good work.

24 Oct 2007 rev wrote: nice update, excellent model. love her facial expressions. question -- when are you guys going to put the 2003 content online? would love to see it again. thanks

04/18/2007 - Natalie Minx 5 Scenes - 283 Photos - 41 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

We have been big fans of Natali Minx's work for awhile's hard to see her dolled up and posing and not become a huge fan...she is a gracefully beautiful model who does a lot of fetish modelling...the classy stuff...and we find out during her interview that she has always been into BDSM in her personal life and she really enjoys being a submissive...hmmm...we'll see how submissive we can make this Minx...the Pope strips her down to panties and heels...he gags her, ties her hands behind her back and opens her legs with a spreader bar...a rope around her chest keeps her upright and we start the first scene with Natali struggling in her binds...not exactly submissive behavior, but it's apparent that Natali likes to be helpless...she whines with zest...the Pope enters the scene and does what we all would like to do...he gropes those beautiful breasts...he feels her body up and down before breaking out a whip, pulling her panties to the side and whipping her pussy...he pulls her arms back and leaves her arched after whipping the rest of her fine the next scene, Natali is hogtied and laying on her side...she can't even help but look fabulously delicious as she tries to get comfortable...the Pope enters and keeps her on her side...suction is used on her nipples and he digs a magic wand deep into her crotch...Natali squirms and wiggles through multiple orgasms as the Pope taunts her...then he rolls her onto her tummy, rigs her head harness to her feet and pulls the rig up...Natali is left in a very strict hogtie until we figure out the next position...we decide to spread her eight-point spread eagle leaves her utterly helpless and vulnerable as the Pope begins to whip her...then more orgasms...after her clit is sensitive, he rigs a crotchrope and pulls it up tight...and what's this? a tongue piercing? he knots a string around the barbell and uses it to pull her tongue up and out of her mouth...Natali is then strapped to a hanging rig...she is made to suck a dildo as the Pope whips her...each breast is clamped into a u-bolt and pulled away from her body...then more orgasms from the magic the final scene, Natali is hung upside down by her spread ankles...the Pope clamps each nipple and hangs weights to add discomfort...a vibrator is rigged onto her pussy from above and we leave Natali to swing around and cum...

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Previous comments:
20 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: I love the different models who appear on this's a good, wide variety of looks & attitudes that shows through! And they've ALL got great tits & arses!! Excellent stuff going on here, well done to the kinky Minx. 10/10!

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: The models get better and better! Great breasts! These are real perfect ones! The rope through the pussy scene is awesome! More of that please!

05 Jun 2007 pogrist wrote: This makes me pleased to be a member

02 May 2007 SpreadHerOut wrote: I would like to hear her come without the ball gag

26 Apr 2007 Kama wrote: Natali Minx on Societysm? You've outdone yoursevles! She is gorgous! Great hogtie and suspensions.

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