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02/02/2011 - Randy Moore 4 Scenes - 350 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 350 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

Randy and Alexander were eager to shoot again after their last StrictRestraint gig...I've been pushing the intensity of the ropes and positions on every one of her shoots and really wanted to get her into some truly exposed and uncomfortable positions...Alexander has been ramping up the intensity of his interaction and Randy agreed to our plans, to be our willing subject for a rough day of shooting for SocietySM...Randy can act a great damsel, but today we wanted to see the real damsel inside her...I've been dying to get her beautifully big breasts into some real breast bondage so I bring it to her in the first scene...her legs are spread wide for clamps, and Alexander revels in the reaction he gets from clamping her breast-bound nipples...he slaps her pussy around...Randy begins to moan and whimper...she starts to wrestle with the feelings of a bound much can she take? how much will she allow? The anal fucking machine scene which follows is glorious...Randy is perfectly spread and tied with her hands pulled up to her collar...Alexander enjoys a bit of caning and flogging before he sets the machine in this position, Randy has no leverage and no way to move her hips...such a thing of beauty...the third scene features her beautiful pussy...and an electric anal plug....a simple tie that keeps her spread and vulnerable for Alexander's devices...Then we lay her out on a cold steel table...waxing and a vibrator finish her off..and after the shoot she looks as though she conquered Mount Everest...big smiles and exhaustion...Thanks much to this Kinky couple!...Ogre ShootID: RAN_012811

Members comments:
17 Feb 2011 Alfredo wrote: @Ogre- Well said!

14 Feb 2011 Eragon wrote: Gorgeous, but she needs to be really pushed! Teased so that she doesn't know what is happening until she is in the middle of it and loving it. Passion!!!!

08 Feb 2011 doublem427 wrote: I could watch Randy Moore 24/7!

06 Feb 2011 Ogre wrote: What an inspired conversation! Good stuff...Everyone here is right...even Syn, to a certain degree...The real question to me is, should I hire models who have less experience dealing with varying levels of extreme discomfort to work on SocietySM gigs? They need to be able to deal with tight and restrictive bondage for sure, but how much pain do they need to take? And how much do they need to express it like we expect them to? If we are asking the models to be sincere, how much should I guide them in how to express themselves? I know Randy was struggling to process lots of that interaction...and that's what I look for...the struggle...the external and the internal...But, if the woman isn't beautiful, it means little to me...and when the woman is truly an outstanding beauty, like Randy, it's just that much better...

06 Feb 2011 provost wrote: I agree with both points of view expressed in previous posts: it is truly a privilege to see women as beautiful as Randy, Bailey, Angel, and so many others put themselves through the little dramas Ogre orchestrates for these sites. And it is exciting to watch the subtle drama of a women challenging herself to go a bit further, endure a bit more. This happens in many different ways: Reena goes al-in at the outset: do with me what you will. Bailey and Angel are watchful, calculating...Randy is stoic. It adds excitement when a woman allows herself to be taken a bit beyond, entering a realm where she is not quite comfortable, not entirely certain, certainly not in control of her body or its responses. Guiding a woman into such a place and happily home is the nature of the art, and the pre- and post interviews, along with the scene itself, are evidence of its success. John, you're are doing wonderfully well. Thank you. Cheers, P

05 Feb 2011 F16 4273s wrote: The ultimate point of each session is to push your submissive's limits. Each submissive has different limits. From what I saw, Randy was being pushed to hers. Bravo and Encore!

05 Feb 2011 SEGA232 wrote: @syn; I, for one, appreciate a woman who is truly beautiful. I prefer this update over most of the others because she is so hot. And I really like the new room and decor. This was a great update!

05 Feb 2011 Synister Sub wrote: This is definitely not hard enough! It takes more than a hot bod to make a good submissive! Perhaps she should be topping Alexander? I am disappointed that I can only make one comment per update.

03 Feb 2011 Cromag wrote: Yeah, that is my kind of woman. Damn!

03 Feb 2011 David wrote: Every week I look to see who you are shooting and each time I can't wait to see how it turns out. Great models! Randy and Alexander always give a good update :)

03 Feb 2011 EKC31 wrote: Randy's body is incredible! It's not often that you see a woman like her doing crazy shit like this.

08/11/2010 - Randy Moore 7 Scenes - 585 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 7 Scenes - 585 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

This is a feature video with actors and actresses, scripts and planned scenes...Does that mean that the interaction and activities aren't real? No...this means that the story and motivations behind the interaction and activities aren't real...and such is the nature of spinning a tale...reality is very hot and very exciting, but I have always been turned on by the fantasies of BDSM...Producing feature shoots with fantasy driven material is probably the biggest request we get around here...So it's something we love to do and something we believe many of you want to see...Let us know...Alexander Payne, an accomplished investment banker who struck it rich, big and early spends the days of his very early retirement travelling the country, and often the world, looking for the perfect slaves for his House...indeed, he is living every pervert's dream...Alexander had the balls and confidence to go out and make his fortune, and now he uses those balls to proposition women in the most radical of ways...Alex is an analyst, a natural problem solver...he can logically and confidently predict what to others, seems to be an unknown future...but now he spends his days researching women, not stocks or futures...what are the trends that the natural submissive shows in her daily life before she even realizes those desries? Alexander knows...ask him...Of course, he won't tell you...these guys hoard thier personal knowledge like did he even discover Randy Moore? Who knows...Is she the ex girlfriend of an old yachting pal? Someone whom he saw strolling through a sushi restaurant? It's not clear...but Alex has apparently done his homework...this guy only bets on sure things...what is his bet today? That Randy will fall for his Dominant, his syndicate of thugs gets the word for a delivery...Have Randy Moore on Alexander's doorstep by tommorrow morning...the story begins with Randy being dragged from the trunk of a car, hooded and left on a doorstep...she is confused and worried, but Randy is no fragile girl...She remains calm as she awaits her fate...the ropes are way too tight for a struggle...Alexander brings her inside and the day begins...Left in a cage, Duchess Scarlett greets Randy to calm her and introduce herself...the day is spent probing at Randy...Alexander uses his slaves, Including Scarlett and Tati Russo to help test comfort her...and he uses his time to Dominate and seduce her...Randy is a bit rebelious at first, but through pleasure, punishment, humiliation and submission she learns her place...or rather, she learns the place she has always wanted to be...Alexander scores big on this investment...some guys have all the luck...OGRE ShootID: RAN_072610

Members comments:
27 Apr 2014 theticklingmaster wrote: I loved this video!

05 Apr 2012 Beaubrummel wrote: The scene where she is strung up arms over head and legs spread where she is whipped by the man in the white suit is by far one of the most erotic scenes I have ever seen ! The dramatic interaction between them is a major part of the intense erotic nature of this clip as well as her reaction to being whipped . You really should do more like it !

12 Dec 2011 JoeShmoe wrote: Randy is one beautiful woman! Love the roleplaying format--gives more substance to the individual scenes by making it feel like the sub really can't leave (instead of feeling like a one-day fling for the cameras). I've seen bits of this shoot before on thumbnail posts--glad I finally got to see the whole thing!

03 Sep 2010 Hanton wrote: I really enjoyed this shoot, got to say it is my favorite yet and i would love it if its possible to do a part 2. Maybe following her through a day and nighs continuing from this shoot. Beautiful Girl Great shoot, thank you

03 Sep 2010 LEXXX wrote: In my eyes, this shoot nor this woman needed any pain. This was nearly perfect. GREAT WORK!

28 Aug 2010 Ben wrote: The Woman is killer and the story is good. I like it!

28 Aug 2010 perv wrote: hot girl but no pain !

20 Aug 2010 Jackson wrote: Moore of Randy Moore! This was one of the best features you made! Love this roleplay. Would've love to seen this continue further. Possibly part 2 of this moving to Fucking Dungeon? Randy, please become a contract girl (if they ever had one)!

19 Aug 2010 JMansfield wrote: This is a great video! I like both types of updates as long as the models like like Randy and Elise.

13 Aug 2010 Eragon wrote: Beautiful woman and finally some realism. Also the furniture is beautiful . The cross is gorgeous but that table is amazing. I would love to have seen it rise with a cut away to her frightened face!

12 Aug 2010 Provost wrote: Stunning! Phenomenal!! What a beautiful woman and what an engaging story and sequence of positions! Randy's face is so beautiful and her expressions so authentic.... I might have given her soles a bit more attention, but perhaps we'll save that for her next visit. DC have broken new ground with this drama and it will be interesting to see where it leads: the "ouchs and oohs" that characterize so many sites these days may now give way to something a bit more interesting.

12 Aug 2010 Lietzke wrote: This is fantastic!! FINALLY some roleplay!! Awesome!!

12 Aug 2010 greenaway wrote: I really like this site a lot! But the scripted, staged updates are not my thing.

12 Aug 2010 Rogers wrote: AWESOME!

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