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04/11/2014 - Scarlett Fay 4 Scenes - 415 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 415 Photos - 63 Minutes Video

Scarlett is a super sexy, young girl with creamy skin and an ass for days. We have worked with her before and know that she can take some pain. Feenix starts her off rigged standing up, nearly hanging by her hair, but she squirms too much so he decides to tighten her bindings, attaching her from all sides to the metal rig. Once he is satisfied that she can't move an inch he brings out the mini vibe but only to tease and deny her the privilege of an orgasm. Next, We rig her bent over with her big, plump rear end and soft pink pussy exposed for torment. Feenix adds heavily weighted nipple clamps before flogging, caning and tickling her lovely backside and feet. He lubes up the magic wand in a pool of Scarlett's drool and uses it to bring her to a screaming painful orgasm. Then we put her back in a standing rig with much less support from her feet, testing her hair suspension abilities further. Feenix uses the violet wand to electrocute her toes and soaking pussy. He puts on an incredibly tight crotchrope to warm her up while he canes clothespins running up and down her slender waist. Once he thinks she can't handle any more pain, he leaves her there to cum alone with a Hitachi affixed to the crotchrope. Poor Scarlett is beat and exhausted but we're not quite through using her pretty body yet. Finally she is suspended spread eagle in the center of the metal rig with the TENS unit electrifying her supple thighs and the breast pumps squeezing her tits. When she is in tears from the pain, Feenix gives her one last burst of pleasure with the dick stick combo, but not before making her beg him first.... ShootID: SCA_032514

04/04/2014 - Marley Blayze 4 Scenes - 284 Photos - 64 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 284 Photos - 64 Minutes Video

Marley Blayze is an exotic brunette, and it's her first time in the dungeon, so we decide to see how much she can handle. We start her off semi seated, stretched and bound to poles at her chest, hips, arms, legs and hair. Feenix starts her off easy with nipple and pussy clamps and some light flogging. Then he brings out the magic wand and makes her beg to orgasm. When he finally lets her, she squirts over and over for him. Next, Feenix has her bound in a pelvic thrust position with her arms behind her back. He uses bamboo clamps to twist her nipples. He covers her in clothespins and puts a weighted, vibrating crotchrope and brings her to a painful orgasm with the mini-vibe. Next we have Marley bent over in a tight rig with her succulent ass exposed. Feenix continues to torture her nipples with more weighted clamps. He adds a pussy hook and ties it to her hair. Feenix gives her a once-over with the floggers and canes, and even introduces her to a bit of bastinado as the Hitachi brings her close, then Feenix makes her wait, and wait and wait until it hurts and she's begging to cum again. Finally, we end the day with Marley tied up relaxing on a table tied to a suspension rig with her plump pussy exposed. Feenix covers her arms, her flat stomach and breasts with clothespins which he proceeds to cane. He warms her up with the mini-vibe and takes away the table, so she is rendered helpless in her first suspension and fucks her hard with the dipstick combo until she's drooling, screaming and cumming hard.... ShootID: MAR_03111

03/30/2014 - Selma Sins 4 Scenes - 325 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 325 Photos - 63 Minutes Video

It's been a while since Selma has been in our dungeon, and we missed toturing the cute latin beauty. Feenix walks in on a fully-bound struggling Selma who is laying in a pool of her own drool. he warms her up with some spanking and flogging.Since she is not bound to anything but herself, he directs her into various positions, caning her when her abilities to move bound fail to meet his standards. When he tires of her pathetic struggle, Feenix pulls her to her feet and anchors her to the ceiling. He adds heavily weighted nipple clams and makes her deep throat a dildo until she gags, drool streaming down her face and neck. Finally, he gives her a massive flogging, hitting the clamps off her tender breasts violently. Selma's humiliation continues when we rigs her in a doggystyle position with her hips secured to a metal bar. Feenix notices she has drool in her hair and adds to it by rubbing her face and head in her own drool puddle. In this position her ass and feet are perfectly exposed for a sound flogging and some wax play on the toes, which he then canes off. He finally allows her some pleasure with her pain using the magic wand to bring her to orgasm, but only if she keeps her mouth pumping ferociously up and down on a very large dildo. Next Selma is bound on her knees with her pussy and breasts exposed for Feenix to enjoy. And he does, using the TENS unit on her soft thighs and clothespins and clamps all over her waist and already sensitive breasts. He give her multiple orgasms with the wand before painfully removing them. Selma is worn out and exhausted from her day in the dungeon, but we have one last intense rig for her to try. She is bound with rope and straps lying on her back with her legs spread and her toes tied to clamped nipples. Feenix mercilessly flogs her plump pussy, and does a little bastinado before bringing in the dick-stick combo. She begs him not to, but this is for his pleasure, not hers. But poor Selma can't help but submit to the pleasure as she cums, screaming... ShootID: SEL_030414

Members comments:
06 Apr 2014 Herrer wrote: Scene 2 was fantastic. The twisted nipple predicament was genius!

03/21/2014 - Amelea Dark 4 Scenes - 354 Photos - 69 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 354 Photos - 69 Minutes Video

Amelia Dark is a luscious dark-haired beauty who has provenm her stength and endurance for torture here at Dungeon Corp so we brought her back to test her boundaries even further. Feenix starts off with a bit of humiliation, cutting her dress from her bound body. He them amuses himself, and torments her by making her complete timed tasks. He adds more and more painful clamps and suction cups to her nipples when she doesn't complete the tasks correctly, calling her names the whole time. Next, Feenix binds Amelia in a tight hogtie. He begins with a bit of bastinado and tickling. Then he tightens her binds with a nose hook, pussy hook and hair tie, all of which poor Amelia can barely handle. Feenix sends her over the edge with the magic wand in this helpless position. Amelia is starting to get worn out but were far from finished with her. Next, Feenix ties her stradling a metal horse over a cumbot. As the dildo penetrates her swollen pussy, He adds nipple clamps and crops her back until she screams in pain and pleasure. He turns up the speed on the cumbot and once her pussy is dripping her adds vibration to her clit but makes her wait to cum until she is shaking and begging his permission. Amelia's day in the dungeon ends with a lot of electricity. She is tied inverted with the TENS unit on her shapely legs while Feenix uses the violet wand to shock her perky breasts and sensitive feet. He crops her while using the electric dildo and the magic wand to make her moan in intense orgasms. When he is finally through, Amelia is shaking and red all over. She later told us that she had to submit, she couldn't control her body at all... ShootID: AME_021914

03/15/2014 - Courtney Shea 4 Scenes - 266 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 266 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

Feisty Courtney is used to doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants and Feenix is going to teach her that that's not how it works at Dungeoncorp. He starts off by stringing her up, leaving one leg free. He electrifies her with the TENS unit, canes and spanks her. As he vibrates her plump pussy, she cums once without permission, so Feenix teaches her about obedience by pulling a few more orgasms out of her weakened body. Next, she is strapped into a backbend. She is flogged and covered in clothespins. Feenix attaches her pussy lips to her toes and canes her clit until she is whimpering in pain. But the pussy torture is not through just yet...Feenix puts a weighted crotch rope on her sensitive pussy lips as he whips her a bit longer until she finally apologizes for her disobedience. Courtney refuses to address Feenix as Sir, so he continues her punishment. She is put in a neck stock and the ball gag is removed and she is flogged until, in tears, she finally submits and calls him by his proper title. Now that she is cooperative and submissive, she is allowed some pleasure and she takes it, moaning through some intense orgasms. But she disobeys again. Finally, Feenix secures Courtney in some predicament bondage, pussy and ripe breasts exposed for some more torment and a final chance to to obey. He electrifies, clamps and vibes her until she is desperetly trying to keep from cumming. Feenix will allow it, but she has to say please, and call him Sir. In the end, she gives up her disobedience and gives in to the pleasure... ShootID: COU_021214

Members comments:
22 Mar 2014 JR wrote: A non submissive slave is not easy to handle. Feenix did a great job of not giving up the struggle to stay in control. What a handful. Do you plan these types of bratty scenes?

17 Mar 2014 provost wrote: Fenomenal shoot, Feenix1 And Courtney is such a lovely lass to be greeting us on St. Paddy's Day! The tough-girl boots giving way to sensitive bare soles is a nice touch, as are the many invent and challenging positions.

03/06/2014 - Mia Vallis 4 Scenes - 430 Photos - 70 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 430 Photos - 70 Minutes Video

Adorable girl-next-door Mia is fun to torture and loves rope, and who doesn't want to see her tied up? First, we put her in an incredibly uncomfortable position that she has to use all her strength to maintain, complete with nipples clamps and vibrator. She handles it like a pro, chatting with Feenix all the way until she comes for us. Then, she is hogtied, electrified with the TENS unit, and tickled til she squeals with both pain and sheer delight. Sweet Mia is starting to wear out from the torture and the orgasms, but Feenix still has a few tricks up his sleeve. We put Mia in an inverted rig with a weighted, vibrating crotch rope and Feenix uses various implements to redden her beautiful alabaster skin. Finally, she is suspended in a hogtie, leaving her ass and pussy completely exposed to Feenix's whims. Mia finally submits to the pain-and stops talking-as he beats and vibrates her to orgasm... ShootID: MIA_012914

Members comments:
22 Mar 2014 JR wrote: This Mia is a hot one. Especially so with her body wrapped in rope. Great updates all around.

08 Mar 2014 me wrote: One of my favorite updates so far. Feenix is on fire. Thanks once again for adding in some tickling which was obviously great for this sub!

07 Mar 2014 32Greg wrote: The positions in scenes 1 and 3 are very well done. Sexcellent!

02/24/2014 - Hope Howell 4 Scenes - 336 Photos - 66 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 336 Photos - 66 Minutes Video

Hope somehow forgot, or tried to pass off, that she had never shot with DungeonCorp before... If Hope was hoping that I wasn't aware that she had shot with Bane domming her a couple years ago on SocietySM...and possibly, I thought her a newbie, as to get kinder treatment, she was mistaken...we bend her over a pole and begin to teach her the rules, and when she fails she is denied permission to cum....we flip her over on her back and discover another secret that Hope was probably hoping to hide...she's's now time to invade her pussy with a pounding of the dildovibe combo rig...that leaves her begging for relief after cumming twice....Such a lithe young body deserves tight rope, so I put her in a classic box tie with her feet on an electrified bar...she struggles to understand what's truly happening to her, before I put clamps on her pussy and tie them to her toes...advising her to keep still while she cums, lest she rips the clamps off...finally, I place her seated and introduce her to the violet wand which gets her squealing...and to top the day off, I strap our largest, widest dildo onto the jack from my car and jack it up into her until she can't take any more...something she'll remember for quite a while I will I... Dominus Feenix... ShootID: HOP_020514

02/13/2014 - Anna Morna 4 Scenes - 538 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 538 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

Anna is tall, slender, and wants to please....we had her with machines before and we brought her back to up the ante...she giggles at the thought...but it doesn't take much spanking before she realizes she's in for more than she expected....and what a drooler...bent over and stretched I flog her all over, mocking her as she tries to protect her pussy...but she remains enthusiastic and takes the beating....then reacts immediately to the vibrator but is denied permission to cum and instead gets more flogging...she is so sensitive now....the caning seems unbearable to her in this state...and when allowed to cum, she comes to a screaming orgasm immediately...Next we tie her sitting in a cage where she quietly accepts clothespins....and rains down drool in droplets...but she's much more reactive when I begin to play with her feet....she's not prepared for this....but she's nearly in tears when the tickling begins....which is nothing compared to her reaction to the clit vibe...she stretches and screams like she's about to explode...that swollen pussy is flogged some more as we stretched her standing up to open her entire young body to impact which she takes dutifully trying to please....I finish off with a game...I put a dildo in her mouth, a DickStick Combo in her pussy....and prepare to suction pump her pussy which she's admitted to being afraid's easy to make her cum and the desperation in her eyes just eggs me on....I add the clit vibe...and she's so overstimulated even after I take the dildo out of her mouth she can't speak...Dominus Feenix... ShootID: ANN_010814

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