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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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01/23/2015 - Amanda Tate 4 Scenes - 253 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 253 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Amanda is luxurious...tanned, toned, healthy, bountiful of breast, silky...Im sure she's accustomed to the finest treatment from her male partners of choice...But today we choose who and we choose what...Feenix is all too pleased to plan a rigorous day for her at Spa DungeonCorp, where pampering becomes spanking and the female slaves are always bound....Ogre ShootID: AMA_012015

Members comments:
27 Jan 2015 Provost wrote: It is hard for me to fathom how you manage to attract such lovely young lasses to your den, but you do it again and again. Superb, absolutely superb!!!

25 Jan 2015 John wrote: You mixed up the 720P and 450P video links. Again.

23 Jan 2015 Ray wrote: Amanda is one of the most lovely women in all of Porn! Her orgasms in scene four are precious. I love this woman! Great update

01/17/2015 - Kasey Warner 4 Scenes - 320 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 320 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

At nineteen years old, Kasey is very young and very kinky...she's had fantasies where strange men tie her up and have their way with her, and that's basically what I give her...She is not afraid of pain, rather very interested in feeling it in all sorts of ways...and she just doesnt seem like that type of fresh and clean...young and chipper...but I did sense a dark side to Kasey before we began...The best way to dscribe her body is fresh and hot...fantastic ass and legs along with skin that seems like it hasnt aged at all yet...Her eyes are very expressive...I thoroughly enjoy my time owning willing and takes good effort to make her cum and the best results I got were with my hand...Kasey hadn't been through much BDSM prior to this shoot, so practically everything I did to her was anxiously unknown to her...She finds the electricity to be most daunting...I bend and stretch her with no complaints as she seems to enjoy the helplessness more than the discomfort that it creates...Which was very pleasing...I'll get her back for more soon...Ogre ShootID: KAS_011615

Members comments:
18 Jan 2015 provost wrote: What a fresh, lively beauty! And so eager for the experience, including the dreaded rack. Mr. O was visibly inspired by his muse today. Increasing the anticipation before applying the vibe might get better results...let her yearn for it. Kudos and thanks to all!

01/12/2015 - Marie McCray 4 Scenes - 308 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 308 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

Marie is one of our favorite models because has she proved to be submissive...Mixed with her beauty, it makes for a very erotic combination...I tell her to just stand and wait for me...She already knows my rules, but I give her a quick review before I grope her body with much enjoyment...Then tied up, as she will remain for the rest of the day...Marie did disappoint me with her unwillingness and to communicate her orgasms and she did pay the price for each infraction...Even a good submissive should make a couple punish-worthy mistakes, but Marie still stands as a very proud submissive with a great attitude for being controlled....Ogre... ShootID: MAR_010915

Members comments:
16 Jan 2015 Mike wrote: Is it just me, or does Marie look somewhat different, she has always been a favorite, but I can't help but wonder if she has had plastic surgery, if so, she didn't need it, she is a natural, I hope I am wrong, either way she is still a favorite.

16 Jan 2015 provost wrote: Well done! Very, very well done.... Now, would you please test Ms Casey Warner's soles of rue, too? And her other sensitive parts, of course.... Incredible run of models, Mr O!

01/02/2015 - Raven Rockette 4 Scenes - 395 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 395 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Raven is back because she loves bondage and it shows...and also because she's incredibly beautiful...Although a very small and apparently fragile woman, Raven's curves and attitude are tough as hell...Feenix orchestrates a progression of scenes to further test our lovely subject...and his rigs do a great job of objectifying her natural assets...Her full, natural breasts spend plenty of time bound and clamped as he spanks her ass and flogs her body...then he brings his attention to her pussy...a delicious object on it's own, he gives it doses of pleasure and pain...The orgasms seem a mix of both as Raven enjoys having someone else in control of her pussy, to push it's limits...Happy New Year to all as we post our first scenes of 2015...Ogre...(Shoot ID: RAV_123014) ShootID: RAV_123014

12/27/2014 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 290 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 290 Photos - 49 Minutes Video

Upon meeting Abby, porn model is not what comes to mind, even though she is beautiful from first gaze...she has a happy and relaxed attitude, full of smiles, and she just seems very...well...normal...Then I saw her undress...An amazing body that definitely belongs in porn, no matter what her demeanor...The tits and ass on this babe are top shelf, top notch, drooling out the side of your mouth, hot...Often the first words out of my mouth are...So, have you ever been tied up before?...Abby just shot back a deviant little smile and explained that her boyfriend ties her up, from time to time, at her request...Yes, it seems Abby is a kinky beast, not often let out of her cage...or rather, caged...After testing the limberness of her body, I knew we had the great potential for something special in this woman...Feeniz has the pleasure of giving her, what is hopefully only her first of many BDSM scenes, and he does not take it easy on this newbie...Tight ropes stretching and bending her body to it's limits...and an amazing suspension I wish I could call my own...Abby falls right into role like she was born to it...Feenix eases her into pain and then overwhelms her with pleasure...Truly a spectacular day of real BDSM with a very willing slave-to-be...My only regret is not being able to handle her myself...But, if I have my way, she'll be back...Ogre... ShootID: ABB_122614

Members comments:
30 Dec 2014 provost wrote: Misspelling: Abby Reigns!! Lovely, expressive face....

12/19/2014 - Cosima Knight 4 Scenes - 346 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 346 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Back for her second round of BDSM, Cosima is a bit more confident...and rebellious...she actually surprises me with her first "fuck you" but I dont think she was surprised with my response...she certainly knew what she was getting herself into by pushing my hand...I spread her long legs, leaving her pussy open for my inspirations...but she has no intentions of breaking that easily...through total helplessness, the lovely Cosima keeps her composure and stands her rebellious ground...It isnt until the third scene, when she actually responds as I would like...She endures tough bondage, sincere impact and a variety of activities meant to weaken her resistance...her total submission is only gained with her orgasms, but fades away with the pleasure I bring her...perhaps, in time, Cosima will learn to be a good slave...then again, I did enjoy toying with her hopeless rebellion...Ogre ShootID: COS_121614

Members comments:
22 Dec 2014 provost wrote: Yes, a very beautiful woman and a joy and privilege to see on this site. John, you have been doing a remarkable job--hitting new highs in recent shoots. One small quibble about this shoot: the proportion of time given to poking an plunging and vibing compared to time spent doing ...well, other things...has gotten a bit high. Would be nice to see more balance...those O's ought to be earner, not donated. Holiday cheer to all, and a peaceful and joyful new year!

19 Dec 2014 SPinner wrote: Fucking beautiful girl!

12/12/2014 - Miko Dai 4 Scenes - 356 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 356 Photos - 65 Minutes Video

Miko is a bright woman...she earned a college degree and was always interested in the psychology behind sex, power, dominance and submission...In our pre-shoot discussions, I think she began to see how BDSM truly uses those concepts as opposed to just being a strangely kinky activity...I often give the models a scenerio and ask them to derive their own expressions and emotions from within...How would you feel if this were to happen? How would you act in this situation? etc...Miko's interpretation begins with fear and ends in the realization of the power of submission...through her bondage trials and corporal tribulations it is not me who she submits to...submission is to thineself and in that reckoning, there is personal power derived and discovered...Doms are guides and I greatly enjoyed guiding Miko...a very beautiful and expressive face over a fragile feminine frame...It's rare to find any vanilla this comfortable, expressing these emotions....but she cums and wails like she was born into it...Ogre... ShootID: MIK_101214

12/05/2014 - Alexis Rodriquez 4 Scenes - 317 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 317 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

Alexis showed up with a sparkle in her eye...almost pixie-like energy...She's a very cool woman...laid back, open minded and very comfortable with her put it mildly, this woman is on fire...everything about her is sexy and she loves passionate sex...She's had some experiences with BDSM and wasnt really sure if she enjoyed it or not...Every model interprets the bottom role in their own way...making their own connections and using certain emotions...Alexis seemed to pick fear very naturally...the sparkle goes away and becomes a scream in her eyes...BDSM took Alexis to a very interesting place...her tolerance for pain is not notable, but her willingness to sexually submit is very strong...her entire body purrs after she cums and the heat radiating from her post-cum vagina was incredible...I steal many orgasms from Alexis on this day...and make her confess her slutty ways...It's very entertaining, owning the flirt...Ogre... ShootID: ALE_120314

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