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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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04/16/2015 - Rachael Madori 4 Scenes - 340 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 340 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

In the BDSM community, there are those who take their Master/slave relationships very sincerely...These players typically have much more experience simply because they do take it all quite seriously...They have found and adopted some practices which seem extreme, but those practices are now their fetishes...they are pushing the limits of what can be enjoyed for pleasure and deeply we can ask someone else to submit to our will...can we ask them to give it up to someone else for our purposes? Its quite a romantic notion and inspires much sexual leave the one you love with a madman and ask her to endure if for you...and how does it feel to the deeply drawn masochist? Their desires are also fulfilled...but these types of situations must include consent, no matter how insane they seem...because everyone involved is getting off...dont feel too bad for Rachael, We did it all for her :)...Ogre ShootID: RAC_041315

Members comments:
18 Apr 2015 Seekers7 wrote: Leaving my wife, who would enjoy this type of treatment, with a man like Ogre, is a very deep fantasy that we share. I'd like to see more updates with these types of stories. Loved it 100 percent

18 Apr 2015 Aerials wrote: That worked.

17 Apr 2015 Ryansir wrote: Outstanding!

17 Apr 2015 Specter wrote: Enjoyed this very much and I think the story lines can make or break a shoot. This is what I search for, thank you!

17 Apr 2015 Mr Ray wrote: Terrific update! Rachael is just beautiful and I loved watching her suffer!

04/11/2015 - Alaina Kristar 4 Scenes - 345 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 345 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

At DungeonCorp, slutty women are all the rage...When women show a healthy drive to be real suts, it inspires us...but we realize that drive needs nourishment and training before the truest slut can be realized and enjoyed...and that is a huge part of the training to submit, how to endure and how to enjoy their position of service...Feenix uses his time with Alaina to further her own slutty desires...a mix of suffering and rewards is used to guide the slut to her ultimate goal of bringing pleasure to others as they use her...Alaina is an amazing subject...young, beautiful and allready a natural slut...and so willing to allow our harsh methods...enjoy the trials she faces as Feenix trains her senses and her emotional base with trauma and pleasure...Ogre ShootID: ALA_040815

Members comments:
12 Apr 2015 Steve wrote: Great set.

11 Apr 2015 RyanSir wrote: In love with Alaina's body.

04/03/2015 - Maddy Rose 4 Scenes - 248 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 248 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

I was all too happy to get Maddy back in my grasp...I just love the small and tough ones...Maddy is very much still a newbie, but today I bring a few different challenges to test her endurance and will to submit...Two difficult suspensions, a dose of stretching and a bit of corporal punishment...I think she does it all for the orgasms...which is fine with me...everyone needs a reason to submit and should be willing to suffer for their pleasure...Ogre... ShootID: MAD_033115

Members comments:
10 Apr 2015 ray wrote: Ogre just want to say your a bad a Carry on

06 Apr 2015 me wrote: Thanks for the brief foot tickling!

05 Apr 2015 FF220 wrote: Great suspensions.

03/26/2015 - Sabrina Banks 4 Scenes - 305 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 305 Photos - 61 Minutes Video

Sabrina has been dating Bruce for a few weeks...a nice enough guy who treats her well and fucks her rough...she had been asking about the mysterious shed since her first visit...Bruce finally allows Sabrina to take a look...perverted shit everywhere....even the furniture is made for restrained sex...Maybe Sabrina's not all that surprised but her smiles show interest...Bruce decides that it's time to show her...not only what's in the shed, but what hides deep within himself...he gets it right too because Sabrina is a hornly little slut who loves to be used to please her man, and until today she didnt know how far her submissive nature could take her...Bruce pounds her mouth and pussy hard and deep...revelling in her helpless state...a fine example of two lovers connecting deeply with BDSM and passionate aggression...Ogre ShootID: SAB_031715

Members comments:
28 Mar 2015 Ogre wrote: Found the dead links...fixed

28 Mar 2015 Ogre wrote: Which link? everything appears to be in working condition.

27 Mar 2015 Rob wrote: The link is not working for me.

27 Mar 2015 Sidney wrote: Finally, some bondage sex!!! Please keep more bondage sex coming. I really miss seeing it on your sites.

27 Mar 2015 Gemini wrote: Fucking Hot!

03/20/2015 - Brooklyn Daniels 4 Scenes - 385 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 385 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

Sometimes slaves enjoy pushing their Master's limits, and pushing his buttons in order to receive discipline...It happens quite often and I find it best to nip that behavior in the bud...But when a slave attempts to get away, they are obviously asking for the most extreme punishments...Brooklyn knew what she was getting herself into when she headed out that door, naked and bound...The compound is fenced in and locked and she knows that...So why all the drama and hiding? She just needs my attention...and of course, I allow her to manipulate me into punishing her...I give her exactly what she left that door to find...Ogre ShootID: BRO_031315

Members comments:
21 Mar 2015 RigsterJLK wrote: SocietySm must be seeing a resurgence in it's membership now that Kink's sites are falling off the map. Matt and Jack handle their models like nervous teenagers. This is a fantastic shoot and one of the last BDSM sites holding true to it's origins. Kudos Ogre

21 Mar 2015 ThatBondageGuy wrote: Nice spread eagle. Always appreciated with a writhing model.

21 Mar 2015 maXxx99 wrote: Sweet young Brooklun shows her defiant side. Very pleasing :)

21 Mar 2015 Ogre wrote: Try refreshing them...

21 Mar 2015 Steve wrote: The photo gallery links aren't working.

21 Mar 2015 Sweetwater wrote: I absolutely love the spread and final suspension scenes.

20 Mar 2015 RyanSit wrote: Brooklyn is so sexy. Great to see her back.

03/14/2015 - Kimmy Lee 4 Scenes - 354 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 354 Photos - 52 Minutes Video

Kimmy comes to SocietySM with a good amount of BDSM experience on top and bottom...this beauty has been through some tough scenes and now enjoys creating those scenes as a Dominatrix, but today she finds herself going back to her roots...bound, gagged and loving it...Playing and toying with Kimmy was pure joy...she revels in strict bondage and takes every ounce of discomfort without complaint...she proves to be a very tough young lady...Ive never seen anyone handle rubber bands snapped on the bottoms of their feet with so much ease...she does let me down early on, as she forgets to announce her orgasms, and I use that one mistake to justify pushing Kimmy to her submissive limits...with grace, Kimmy never waivers...Ogre ShootID: KIM_031115

03/06/2015 - Bliss Dulce 4 Scenes - 344 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 344 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

Bliss plays our lovely captive today as she waits, bound in a room, on the floor...It's not long before I tie a dildo into her pussy and make her fuck herself...The lesson of the day is sexual slavery and my mission is to test Bliss's orgasmic potential...In the second scene, she is spread and locked into stocks...the dildo-vibe combo seems to please her as she cums over and over...Then bound on her hands and knees, we find that Bliss is not a painslut...The TENS unit sends her screaming at low levels...But bound and blindfolded in the final scene, we confirm that Bliss is the type of slut we need...a cumslut...Ogre... ShootID: BLI_030415

02/28/2015 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

I missed working with Abby on her first visit to SocietySM as I had fallen ill, but I did not forget her...I waited for the weeks to pass so I could book her have my way...I was immediately charmed by her incredibly sexy curves...but her demeanor is what makes Abby so attractive to me...she's like a submissive little soldier, happy to endure whatever comes her way, because she knows it empowers her...she is unafraid and beautiful within it...So I set out with contempt to test her...surely she can't be as strong as she seems...I tie, hang and bend her in cruel concoctions of distress with intent to break her...her breasts, nipples, pussy, all tested, very harshly...her body takes every preasure....I revel in her screams and moans with never a word of red...Abby does well to keep herself safe...either that or she just loves being objectified and used...Her many orgasms give good clues...I say, she sincerely loves it...without the slightest pretense, Abby is a survivor slave...that which does not kill her, makes her cum...Ogre ShootID: ABB_022715

Members comments:
02 Mar 2015 provost wrote: How on Earth do you find such a delicately beautiful woman who has the inner strength to endure such a rigorous hour? Yes, Abby has that cool aloofness that adds a retain something to the mix. Exquisite, Mr. O, absolutely exquisite.

02 Mar 2015 Horny1 wrote: It's great to see a natural woman with no tattoos as they tend to be very rare lately.

01 Mar 2015 RyanSir wrote: Ogre, You really seem to enjoy your work here! The riggers and Dominants on other sites appear bored, in my opinion. This is some of your best, if not your very best work. I'd love to get my hands on Abby.

01 Mar 2015 Prufroc wrote: Exquisite submissive with very well orchestrated scenes.

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