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07/18/2014 - Scarlett Fay 4 Scenes - 379 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 379 Photos - 61 Minutes Video

Scarlett endured a session with Feenix earlier this year and her natural beauty and sincere expressions caught my attention...I wanted my own time with this sexy redhead and her big pleading eyes...The crew prepares her with bondage and a gag and leaves her tied to the sofa for me...I take my good time with Scarlett, enjoying every grope and piece of clothing removed...I test her and in her own words, push her limits, in each tightly bound scene...her pussy reponds very well, but turns out being very sensitive...By the final scene, she is capable of multiple orgasms and I massage them from her pussy even as she believes she's done...Ogre... ShootID: SCA_071614

Members comments:
19 Jul 2014 fliphedd7 wrote: What a gorgeous, real woman we get to see doin bondage. Scarlett rocks, SSM is the best

07/11/2014 - Isa Mendez 4 Scenes - 518 Photos - 69 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 518 Photos - 69 Minutes Video

Isa, like many of our most recent models, is from Florida...they're all thin and beautiful, young and slutty...when you start to examine the tan lines on their perfect little asses, it's easy to see how they spend their spare time...showing off those asses at the beach...the bikinis that made those tan lines were not covering very much...Isa is one of these southern specimen and I revel in using her body and having my way...she has a bit of BDSM experience from top and bottom, and an interest in both roles...but today we examine just how submissive Isa is...her pussy gets wet just from being bound, but she would rather NOT follow protocols...Isa draws the line of her submission at her head...she offers up her body for just about any treatment, but she seems to refuse certain other submissions...she doesnt take direction very well...I only have two requests of the women I dominate...announce thine orgasms and use thine red word....Isa was very bad at both...and her body pays the price...but from the look of her frothy pussy, I have a feeling that Isa is the one who was having her way....enjoy thine weekend! Ogre... ShootID: ISA_071014

Members comments:
13 Jul 2014 Gerard wrote: Thumbs up :)

12 Jul 2014 Zenster wrote: Another amazing update featuring Ogre and a gorgeous young lady. No offense to the beautiful Belle or Bane, but it's always best when the big man dominates. The position in scene 2 is incredible!

07/04/2014 - Belle Noire, Mena Li 4 Scenes - 252 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 252 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Belle has been very excited about swtiching for SocietySM and having the chance to control her own whore-pet...Bane prepares Mena Li...ties her up, strips her and enjoys her naked helplessness before leaving her bound for Belle...Belle likes women...especially having control of them...Although she is stern and punishing when she has to be, Belle is mostly interested in ripping orgasm after orgasm from Mina's sweet pink pussy....Mina is a perfectly tanned polynesian beauty....exotic and loaded with tits and lips and big brown eyes, Mina doesn't seem to mind being a captive whore as long as she's quite sure her pussy got pushed to it's limits on this the final scene, Bane and Belle work her over together...Belle straps a dildo gag into Mena's mouth and twerk fucks her face until she releases powerful orgasms of her own....Ogre... ShootID: MEN_070314

Members comments:
05 Jul 2014 Yachimo85 wrote: I kept wanting for Bane to bind Belle and shove her face in Mena's pussy. That would have made this perfect. :) Happy 4th!

06/28/2014 - Alaina Kristar 4 Scenes - 431 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 431 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

How does a fresh faced, beautiful bodied, 18 year old, end up at DungeonCorp about to be served up as my weekly slave? Im sure it's a long story and I dont care...her youth was fascinating to me...not only that she is very youing at 18 years old, but that she looks veeeeery young...Alaina is an angel of a woman...with a few demons roaming around inside...I find that she has a very high tolerance for pain...and unlike many of the women we shoot, gets off on discomfort...her pussy would actually get wetter for the whip than the vibrator...which isnt to say Alaina didnt get off...she had orgasms in every scene...but pain was her real desire and draw...I thought she might not be able to tolerate much and found out very different...I thought her reactions a bit tame...turns out I just needed to turn up the intensity...and I did...keep in mind...this is her first time ever being bound and controlled...I was able to get control of little Alaina and had her calling me Master faithfully by the end of the shoot...I hope to get this one back very soon...have a safe and kinky weekend, Ogre... ShootID: ALA_062614

Members comments:
05 Jul 2014 fliphedd wrote: THANK YOU. Been a big, big fan of Alaina since she first came out (like, a month ago) and to see her already doin work on this site is pretty much Christmas in July

03 Jul 2014 provost wrote: Phenomenal work lately! We might have to call this Ogre's golden age (which is not to say that Mr. O is a golden ager)! And the models are superb--lovely and game for whatever comes their way.

29 Jun 2014 ZOMBIE wrote: Great!

28 Jun 2014 OntheVine wrote: Very entertaining on many perverted levels. Great Bondage, Great Slave.

28 Jun 2014 doublem427 wrote: Wow! What a way to make a debut. Now how about this for a challenge: we've seen Alaina dominated by Ogre, now let's see how she stands up to Holly Wilds:)!

28 Jun 2014 Ryan wrote: You have the hottest slaves by far.

06/20/2014 - Brooklyn Daniels 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

When I first laid eyes on Brooklyn's rare and incredible body, she was getting ready before Dan Cross fucked her for FantasyDamsels...She's long and curvy...a flat and delicious tummy...a godly round ass which prepares one for the perfection of her lovely pink pussy...big and round, grey-blue eyes that express everything that she's feeling...I knew I had to get my ropes on have my control with that luscious speci-woman...It was quite easy really...I waited a month or so, then booked her to be my slave for SocietySM...I had Feenix prepare her...dressed in red lingerie and left bound on the bed for me...I revel in the idea of what's waiting for me...that perfect, fragile, feminine power...helpless to my control whims...She takes my punishments well...she learns her place quickly...she offers herself to me and I show little mercy...and when I give her pleasure, she devours it like a fine young slut...have a great weekend, play safe...Ogre... ShootID: BRO_061814

Members comments:
22 Jun 2014 Bryan72 wrote: Great ass! and great positions for this slut :)

21 Jun 2014 OntheVine wrote: A truly aggressive male dominant makes all the difference in creating the aesthetic that I prefer to watch. Ogre nails it! New member and very impressed. GREAT!

21 Jun 2014 provost wrote: Extraordinary shoot! What a lovely woman, and what an energetic effort by our beloved Mr. O! I do believe she inspired you.... I particularly loved the closing predicament, with toes tied to tender parts and soles bared. As a matter of technique, please consider positioning rubber bands on her soles before applying the cords to nipples and lips. Then, when the cords are all nicely positioned and taut you can snap the bands and watch her cope with the challenge. Even just running a toothpick over her soles when the cords are taut will cause a lot of excitement.... Kudos, again, to Brooklyn and Mr. O for their fine efforts!

21 Jun 2014 Rich wrote: Excellent scenes as always, Ogre. You are right about Brooklyn. HAWT!

06/14/2014 - Alison Fay 4 Scenes - 197 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 197 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

First and foremost, Alison is a California girl in the 'Beach Boys' absolute perfect bikini body complete with tan lines and sandy blonde hair...she is young...only 20 years old...and she is a slut...i dont know if she sleeps around, but I do know that her pussy gets wet instantly...her body responds, as if almost to betray her...I cuff her limbs with locking leather and leave her in the cage as I prepare her fate...rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms, I could feel the wet warmth...I leave her with a tight pussy rope...With intense preasure from vibrators, Alison cums easily...but she did have one problem...she just couldnt remember to announce her orgasms...this became a source of much stress for Alison and lasted the entire shoot...I had no choice but to punish her up until the very end....perhaps that's the way Alison enjoys it...sluts can be a tough genre to estimate...Ogre ShootID: ALI_061314

Members comments:
07 Jul 2014 fliphedd wrote: Beautiful, seein the man spank Alison's perfect little booty red is extremely entertaining

06/06/2014 - Lyla Storm 4 Scenes - 355 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 355 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Sometimes things just get better and better...that's what I was thinking as I was staring down Lyla, taking in her form and beauty...she was all mine for an afternoon and I planned to enjoy my time with the lovely Lyla Storm...she's no newbie, and I felt determined to push her limits...I inspect and strip her bound body in the first scene...and Lyla ends up suspended from her ankles...spinning uncontrollably...then a shoulder and hip wrenching tie and lots of attention for that helpless pussy...punished and pleasured throughly...In the third scene, I spread her as far as she can go...she can only look on as I work her pussy even harder...clamps, a huge dildo and the magic wand makes a mess of her...then a final round of heavy flogging on her fine ass until those big brown eyes are begging for mercy...Ogre... ShootID: LYL_060414

Members comments:
08 Jun 2014 Raden wrote: Intense

05/30/2014 - Marie McCray 4 Scenes - 314 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 314 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Marie represents such an innocent good girl...healthy, happy, no tattoos, a beautiful face and a perfect body blanketed in vanilla velvet...her skin that's soft and perfect...What we know about Marie is that she's a cock hungry newbie to tough bondage and BDSM no matter how anxious she seems...she's trying to draw us in to give her mercy before I even not be had by this exquisite creature as she will take every advantage...This isn't my first time taming this slut...I know how much she can take and I know how she'll whine her way through it all...through all of the clamps and impact and stretching, Marie never calls red...she can take it all even as she sells us her most fragile expressions to the contrary...but when she starts cumming and squirting, it's easy to tell that Marie is definitely in her element...Ogre ShootID: MAR_052814

Members comments:
03 Jun 2014 Seymore wrote: So happy to see that you know what a good looking submissive is supposed to look like. I'm very impressed with this content and very happy I found it! In comparison to Ogre, other dominants and riggers are just blowing bubble gum. Truly outstanding scenes!

02 Jun 2014 Cleveland wrote: Great use of the menacing dom/beautiful slave element :)

01 Jun 2014 I AM MANY wrote: Excellent update.

31 May 2014 provost wrote: Wow! Strong stuff, beautifully done! The rigor of this session is possible only because Marie is son experienced with Mr. O and trusts him implicitly. Beautiful woman, wonderful facial expressions...clearly into it and giving it her all....or, almost all? Perhaps we'll explore her outer limits in a subsequent session....

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