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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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07/25/2015 - Jessica Ryan 4 Scenes - 281 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 281 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

Most of the models we have been shooting lately have been BDSM newbies and submissives...Although they are delightful to play with, they offer little challenge to a seasoned Dominant...Being submissives, that is how it should be, but Jessica Ryan does not claim to be a submissive...She has a dominant personality and enjoys being on top, but she is also a masochist who can enjoy being on bottom as long as she does not least not easily...Her submission will not be given, it needs to be taken away from her, but still within the boundaries of her limits...this can be a challenge for any Dominant...In fact, the attitude is a challenge to a Dominant...a see if the Dominant can keep cool, and turn up the heat, and know when to do either one...I found myself taking a bit more back talk than Im used to, but I also found myself throwing my whips and floggers harder then I have for a very long time...Jessica lays down a challenge of her own, and then answers by standing up to mine...and that is submission...hard earned, blood and guts, take it to the limit, just looks like a sexy smart ass masochist...Jessica laughs, she screams and she cums and her beautiful face shows every expression...and she endures a very intense shoot...and Im pretty sure that is exactly what she needed...Ogre... ShootID: JES_072415

07/17/2015 - Sasha Knox 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 67 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 67 Minutes Video

After 10 years, Sasha Knox is still coming to DungeonCorp to test her limits and push her submisison...and she is still a hot little slut...she tells me that she wants to feel the impact of floggers and whips and nothing could please me more...I knew she was ready to play hard...I revel in the delight of her reddening flesh as I move from cane to paddle to flogger to belt to whips...and then orgasms...Sasha's pussy has always been very sensitive and essentially insatiable...I use the massive G3 vibrator to bring her to the edge of insanity...I stretch her, suspend her and she never loses her passion to please...Ogre ShootID: SAS_071515

Members comments:
24 Jul 2015 Provost wrote: Great shoot! Keep 'em coming, Mr. O!! I see Cadence Lux is scheduled to visit. She has done a lot of foot modeling/fetish work, and so it is only natural that you expose and test those tender soles with bands and bastinado, to welcome her to our community...please...?

18 Jul 2015 Stephan wrote: That girl is a freak! I love how much she gets into the scenes.

07/11/2015 - Ziggy Star 4 Scenes - 281 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 281 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

The tiny and ultra adorable Ziggy Star is back for more...on her first bondage shoot, she learned how much she really enjoyed BDSM and submission...on this shoot, she learns why she enjoys it so much...All that time she spends on looking her best and attracting attention, is her inner tease, looking for sexual attention...In BDSM, her attention needs are served well...she is stripped down to her hot little body, restrained as our object, and then pain and pleasure are used to focus her...her every motitvation is deconstructed to rewards and punishments...and Ziggy loves it...We had a power interuption after the 3rd scene and had to move into a room with natural light when a truck brought down some power lines at the street...But Ziggy's day ends well with forced orgasms and lessons learned...Ogre... ShootID: ZIG_071015

07/03/2015 - Sabrina Banks 4 Scenes - 189 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 189 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Sabrina is no longer a bondage newbie...she has been transformed into a very well trained submissive...And she knows well enough that the sessions do not get easier at that point, they get harder...Feenix makes it clear as he takes over...Regardless of her attitude, she will be tested and used as always...He makes it a day of sincere stretching and an outrageous suspension...Sabrina is made to endure many harsh treatments, and without a red word, she accepts them all with screams and moans...she knows what waits at the end...her own pleasure...Feenix uses the vibrator to inspire Sabrina that she may continue to grow as a submissive, pulling off scenes she may never have dreamt of enduring, and for that amazing and powerful orgasm that drives her sexuality...she loves to serve, and she loves to cum...A proper dominant will use those drives to serve each other...and Feenix keeps on her course with a very tough and orgasmic session...Have a great 4th of July, Ogre... ShootID: SAB_062615

Members comments:
26 Jul 2015 Provost wrote: Quite possibly the best shoot ever! Excellent work!!

05 Jul 2015 Ryan Sir wrote: I would love to dominate Sabrina and make her cum. Fantastic!

06/26/2015 - Trisha Parks 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 64 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 353 Photos - 64 Minutes Video

When I first met Trisha Parks, I was thinking, there is no way this girl is gonna be kinky or tough...She is glowing in her beauty...radiant in her blonde and blue charms...and indeed, she is a big city girl from the midwest...The type of hot chick you might see working in the financial district of any large city...seemingly unattainable, and seemingly vanilla....until they embark on thier porn career...Trisha had life long BDSM fantasies, and at the same time, only had sex for the first time, just over a year ago...her desires are fluid and full of energy...she is a furious submissive, demanding that her dominant take control, and when you do, she becomes a sex kitten...her pussy flows with pure silky juice as you objectify her...She would be disappointed to displease her dominant...but she made me work for her orgasms...her fragile pink pussy has not experienced years of use with the magic the vibrator is very powerful to her...She squirts, but getting her there isnt easy...Not one complaint from this beautiful woman as I put her through my version of "How to be Ogre's slut"...She is the real will want her as your own personal slavetoy by the end....have a great weekend, Ogre... ShootID: TRI_062415

Members comments:
09 Jul 2015 TenSleepWyo wrote: I love the recent trend of getting these petite 18-20 year olds on your site. I miss the days of tying the girls to a Sybian and letting it go. I would love to see each new girl get a few minutes of that again.

27 Jun 2015 Dante wrote: How do you get all these beautiful women to agree to play with you?

27 Jun 2015 Ken1951 wrote: Her sexy tans lines are very erotic. Ogre's handling of the subs is always erotic to watch too. Superb update!

26 Jun 2015 Zealest wrote: I love this beautiful woman and the way she offers her submission to you. Very good scenes :)

06/19/2015 - Alli Rae 4 Scenes - 378 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 378 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

Alli Rae made her stunning debut on PerfectSlave earlier this year...We were all floored by her intense beauty and willingness to suffer through tough bondage...I am very happy to say that we got her back for more and she does not disappoint...Alli's physical perfection is not shy...the natural blonde hair, the amazing body, ripe tits, shapely ass and her wonderous pink pussy...But it is her will to endure, suffer and submit that we truly appreciate....In scene after scene, she proves her love for submission as I keep pushing her boundaries...In the end, her pussy steals the show...she experiences rolling after the other...her body betrays her and the pleasure backfires, and I leave Alli stretched, spread and pleading for help...a glorious example of a beautiful and strong-willed woman allowing herself to be guided into her own masochistic desires for our viewing pleasure...Enjoy! Have a great weekend, Ogre... ShootID: ALL_061715

Members comments:
25 Jun 2015 idan wrote: Great video she is hot

22 Jun 2015 MrMordor wrote: Best BDSM on the net, right here. Fucking great scenes with Alli Rae.

20 Jun 2015 RyanSir wrote: Another slam dunk!

19 Jun 2015 Chester wrote: Her body is totally perfect and so nice to be bound.

06/13/2015 - Gia Paige 4 Scenes - 273 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 273 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Gia looks like a precious, pristine and pleasant girl next door...Those big blue eyes are charming and alluring...and what lay behind those eyes is mysterious...she comes to us with fantasies of consensual long fantasies of her own surrender to a dominant male, that surrender will be transformed into submission by Feenix...Gia will be trained to accept those fantasies as her finally endure what she has been fantasizing about, but this time, she will have to accept her desires...A dominant does not force...a dominant is a guide that uses force to induce submission...Gia follows his lead into her own deconstruction...a dance right through her nightmares...She is timid but shows much courage and the reward is her own intense orgasms which Feenix induces and allows as her training progresses...Gia has been kinky in her dreams for a long time...This training brings those kinky dreams to life and helps her understand her own mysterious nature... ShootID: GIA_061215

Members comments:
06 Jul 2015 Just 1 Clip Please! wrote: Can you start generally providing 1 single HD video clip instead of breaking them out into 4 separate ones? Not just for this scene but for the entire site(s). Thanks!

16 Jun 2015 RyanSir wrote: Her expressions are sweet. Her eyes are naturally pleading. Hot!

15 Jun 2015 me wrote: Thanks for the great bit of foot tickling Feenix!

06/05/2015 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 334 Photos - 71 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 334 Photos - 71 Minutes Video

Abby has proved herself to be a very submissive masochist...We were all impressed by her fabulous body and beauty, but through three sessions, Abby has now impressed us all with her love for submission within BDSM...In fifteen years of dominating women for SocietySM, Abby may be my favorite player of all time...She is a charming and intelligent young woman with a great sense of humor and a lust for new experiences and knowledge...She enters BDSM with a perfect attitude...she is there to be used, and she offers herself without manipulation...A truly submissive masochist is hard to find...Her type of flexible body and toughness are also hard to find...I take advantage of all of Abby's gifts...her perfect tits and pink pussy, her limber body, her lust for service and her willingness to endure for her Dominant...Abby is essentially free of her training now...she can truly enjoy BDSM for all it has to offer and come out smiling after screaming...Abby just may be the perfect submissive woman... ShootID: ABB_060415

Members comments:
08 Jun 2015 Vee wrote: Happy to see some mummification content after a multiyear absence :)

07 Jun 2015 Murray wrote: Abby has that milk-maiden appeal that I find attractive. Every one of her shoots have been hot!

06 Jun 2015 XXX wrote: Agree with Troy

06 Jun 2015 Troy the Terrible wrote: The mummification was very sexy with those perfect tits hanging out! I'd like to see more of that. I also really like the ball gag used in that scene.

05 Jun 2015 Pollard wrote: Phenomenal update! I would enjoy a couple hours with Abby :)

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