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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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05/23/2015 - Raven Rockette 4 Scenes - 289 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 289 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

The exotic and mouth watering, Raven Rockette agrees to my slut training program...Sluts, by their very nature are often masochists and a slut to endure and conquer masochistic tasks can help them attain new levels of sluttiness, and for this, the slut is always grateful...I begin slow by reinforcing the notion that Raven is nothing but a sexual object...I appreciate her massive beauty as I objectify her and claim ownership of it...Then I bind her and begin the physical portion of her training....tight bondage and suffering become outward expressions of her desire to submit and I continue to condition her with pleasure and pain...everything she endures is because she is a slut and I continue to reinforce that foundation...Raven suffers much, but also receives extreme pleasure for her efforts...and that is how to make a happy and dedicated slut...just remember to bring her the control she desires, and she will slut herself through hell for you...Ogre... ShootID: RAV_052215

Members comments:
24 May 2015 Dabush wrote: Bring back da bush!

24 May 2015 DrPain666 wrote: Raven is perfect in every aspect of her attitude. Theses are truly well orchestrated predicaments in every scene. Another satisfied customer.

24 May 2015 Wooster wrote: Amazing scenes with an amazing woman. Thank you

05/15/2015 - Renee Roulette 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 328 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

In her first shoot, I put young Renee through a fantasy scenerio where she was my helpless bottom and I enjoyed exercising my sadistic ways upon her...for everyone's enjoyment, especially hers...I learned on that day that Renee really enjoyed BDSM as a bottom...For this shoot, I ask Renee to be my submissive so I can enjoy exercising my sadistic ways upon her...So what's the real difference...The first shoot is considered fantasy role play whereas this shoot would be more akin to a real D/S experience....And she really blooms...Renee takes everything I have to express upon her as if she was mandated to do so...and it makes her pussy wet...I called Renee a brat, in the beginning because she was acting a bit nervous...She could have use that as motivation for either being a brat, or chosing to show me that she was a submissive...she chooses to accept the challenge of submission head on...and never falters...I push her hard...and as endearing as a brat can be, these are the types of female players who really turn my head...Ogre... ShootID: REN_051315

Members comments:
19 May 2015 The Saint wrote: Thanks for the highly interactive scenes as they ring very sincere. I love her little body and smile. Nice pick :)

17 May 2015 DrPain666 wrote: Outstanding scenes with emotion and suffering.

17 May 2015 Reneefan wrote: Fantastic shoot! I like this girl. Especially her beautiful tits. The 2nd and 4th scene are great. I hope we can see her in more updates.

16 May 2015 john wrote: Wonderful update. Always enjoy your work, Ogre!

16 May 2015 James wrote: That racking scene impressed the hell outa me. Very hot to see her pulled so tight. Great scenes Ogre!

05/07/2015 - 4 Scenes - 467 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 467 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Alexa is so very young...just 19...she has a clear vision of her kink, and she found herself a kinky boyfriend from the growing and frothing BDSM social scene...He must be a wise fella to realize that his new submissive is ready and wanting more than his skills can bring her...So he sends her away...Feenix is happy to take her in and show her his ropes...He begins her training by removing her collar...We were all impressed with her limber body, and Feenix takes advantage in every scene...Alexa often seems overwhelmed...then recovers as any happy submissive does...She is pushed and pulled through pleasure and pain as he introduces her to another level of intense play, scene after scene...In the end, Alexa cums forever...and he leaves her bound and wet to consider what she really wants from this new lifestyle she has sought... ShootID: ALE_050115

Members comments:
14 May 2015 me wrote: would have been cool to test her feet for sensitivity with some tickling!

08 May 2015 RyanSir wrote: She really bloomed in the last scene. Amazing orgasms aplenty!

07 May 2015 Mustah wrote: Her stomach muscles are very erotic.

05/01/2015 - Molly Jane 4 Scenes - 402 Photos - 64 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 402 Photos - 64 Minutes Video

Meeting Molly Jane can create a challenge for many men...If you can come face to face to her without taking a long look at her huge tits, you're more of a man than I am...or maybe less...none the less, this is a very beautiful young woman with amazingly large breasts for her frame...she may look frilly and fragile, but Molly is somewhat of a tomboy and a bit of a bad ass...she has some personal bondage experience and was very ready for more...she seems a bit shocked at first, when I bind her, but she becomes very comfortable with tough binds...she tends to respond to pain with growls, but always remains a sturdy submissive...and she can cum over and over when tied down and left with a vibrator...although she guards her vulnerability voraciously in her day to day life, we get to see down through a very sexually submissive woman with a passion for suffering and expressing it fully...we would definitely like to spend more time with this beauty on bottom...Ogre ShootID: MOL_042915

Members comments:
02 May 2015 RigsterJLK wrote: Excellent Domination and rigging, my friend.

01 May 2015 ThatBondageGuy wrote: Awesome shoot.

01 May 2015 Charles wrote: Best line ever said during a bondage movie: "You are a fucking slut and if you're not, it's a shame".

01 May 2015 SpankOO wrote: One of your best. Molly is amazing.

01 May 2015 RyanSir wrote: What a perfect bondage model. Ogre, you are one lucky man!

01 May 2015 provost wrote: An exceptional shoot! There is something about her lovely face and dramatic but authentic responses to the various positions and treatments.... The breast clamps seemed to get her attention, and the kneeling pose has real promise, from front and rear. for a later visit she'd be ideal for the rack or horse, and I am not certain her soles were tested.

04/24/2015 - Ziggy Star 4 Scenes - 298 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 298 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

The tiny and adorable Ziggy Star is a very submissive young lady...brought up in the world of free porn, Ziggy knew she wanted to try bondage and BDSM for a long time, after years of fantasizing about being a sexual slave...but she has never had the chance to give it a try...Im always happy to introduce enthusiastic new comers to BDSM...and Ziggy was very enthusiastic and appropriately nervous...and her little body was made for bondage...Being small and limber mixed with her will to endure, opened to door to some extreme bondage...I rack, stretch, spread and suspend her...and her pussy stays wet throughout...her orgasms are monumental and she has little control over them....Ziggy never faltered...she was determined to show us all how very submissive she is....Ogre ShootID: ZIG_042215

Members comments:
17 May 2015 franky wrote: heiße Szenen,1,2 u.4 Wahnsinn. Schöne Orgasmen und verschwitzte achseln, ein Traum. Weiter so Ziggy maus.

25 Apr 2015 SpankOO wrote: I just love the way she lets out primal screams when she cums.

24 Apr 2015 RyanSir wrote: As always, in appreciation of your thorough skills as a Dominant and the beautiful women you find to display them. Excellent update!

24 Apr 2015 Highlow wrote: Excellent predicament bondage and stressful positions in every scene. Well done :)

04/16/2015 - Rachael Madori 4 Scenes - 340 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 340 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

In the BDSM community, there are those who take their Master/slave relationships very sincerely...These players typically have much more experience simply because they do take it all quite seriously...They have found and adopted some practices which seem extreme, but those practices are now their fetishes...they are pushing the limits of what can be enjoyed for pleasure and deeply we can ask someone else to submit to our will...can we ask them to give it up to someone else for our purposes? Its quite a romantic notion and inspires much sexual leave the one you love with a madman and ask her to endure if for you...and how does it feel to the deeply drawn masochist? Their desires are also fulfilled...but these types of situations must include consent, no matter how insane they seem...because everyone involved is getting off...dont feel too bad for Rachael, We did it all for her :)...Ogre ShootID: RAC_041315

Members comments:
25 Apr 2015 SpankOO wrote: This site kicks ass. Rachael is perfect in this update.

18 Apr 2015 Seekers7 wrote: Leaving my wife, who would enjoy this type of treatment, with a man like Ogre, is a very deep fantasy that we share. I'd like to see more updates with these types of stories. Loved it 100 percent

18 Apr 2015 Aerials wrote: That worked.

17 Apr 2015 Ryansir wrote: Outstanding!

17 Apr 2015 Specter wrote: Enjoyed this very much and I think the story lines can make or break a shoot. This is what I search for, thank you!

17 Apr 2015 Mr Ray wrote: Terrific update! Rachael is just beautiful and I loved watching her suffer!

04/11/2015 - Alaina Kristar 4 Scenes - 345 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 345 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

At DungeonCorp, slutty women are all the rage...When women show a healthy drive to be real suts, it inspires us...but we realize that drive needs nourishment and training before the truest slut can be realized and enjoyed...and that is a huge part of the training to submit, how to endure and how to enjoy their position of service...Feenix uses his time with Alaina to further her own slutty desires...a mix of suffering and rewards is used to guide the slut to her ultimate goal of bringing pleasure to others as they use her...Alaina is an amazing subject...young, beautiful and allready a natural slut...and so willing to allow our harsh methods...enjoy the trials she faces as Feenix trains her senses and her emotional base with trauma and pleasure...Ogre ShootID: ALA_040815

Members comments:
12 Apr 2015 Steve wrote: Great set.

11 Apr 2015 RyanSir wrote: In love with Alaina's body.

04/03/2015 - Maddy Rose 4 Scenes - 248 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 248 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

I was all too happy to get Maddy back in my grasp...I just love the small and tough ones...Maddy is very much still a newbie, but today I bring a few different challenges to test her endurance and will to submit...Two difficult suspensions, a dose of stretching and a bit of corporal punishment...I think she does it all for the orgasms...which is fine with me...everyone needs a reason to submit and should be willing to suffer for their pleasure...Ogre... ShootID: MAD_033115

Members comments:
10 Apr 2015 ray wrote: Ogre just want to say your a bad a Carry on

06 Apr 2015 me wrote: Thanks for the brief foot tickling!

05 Apr 2015 FF220 wrote: Great suspensions.

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