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SocietySM now has 161956 photos and 28529 minutes of video.

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09/12/2014 - Christie Stevens 4 Scenes - 335 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 335 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Christie is a robust specimen...silkened with beauty and slutty sexuality...she is fully bound and waits for me on the lovely as she deep as those eyes are blue, she disappoints me right from the's such a new experience for these be owned...for every expression to be scrutinized....Christie learns quickly that I pay attention closely to everything my slaves do...I punish her to warm up her own pussy, as she fucks herself with a dildo I rig between her ankles and cunt....Then I sprawl her out...long lean legs leading into a soft pink pussy...she cums quickly...and then becomes very sensitive...she chooses the whip over the vibrator...Christie is then bent over and tied on her knees...I punish her ass and plug her pussy with a huge dildo...In the final scene, Christie's elbows are tied behiind her back...on her knees, with her legs spread, her massive round tits stick out, making great targets for my flogger...Christie is made to cum multiple times as I mix her pleasure and punishment...Ogre... ShootID: CHR_091114

Members comments:
13 Sep 2014 Magnus wrote: Loved it

09/05/2014 - Mena Li 4 Scenes - 499 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 499 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

On Mena's first go around at SocietySM, I had become ill...Bane and Belle dominated Mena, but I was heart broken...I gave it a month or so and got her back on the books...I would have my time with Mena, in all her exotic hotness and submissive ease...those big brown eyes say alot to an attentive dominant...I had the feeling she would be amazing to own for an afternoon...and so she was...very amazing...her softness is not only in her skin, but her smile, vibe and have it all bound and looking to you for mercy is quite an experience...on this day, I use all her holes...her ass, mouth and pussy are all given my stern the end, Mena is a cum monster...over and over again... ShootID: MEN_090414

08/30/2014 - Brooklyn Daniels, Nina Noxx 4 Scenes - 194 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 194 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

Something a bit different this week...two, long, lean and lovely young models, tied with thier pussies on display...First up is fan favorite, Brooklyn...she is cuffed into the leg spreader, and although she isnt the most flexible of women, she is stretched to her limits...I insert an oversize dildo into her pussy and lay the magic wand against her very helpless clit...she squirts for so long that she has the time to beg for release as the flow continues ad her body is overtakem by intense sensations...In the next scene, she is locked down with steel cuffs...legs up and spread for total pussy access...I use a series of dildos and vibrators to summon more orgasms from her submissive depths...Next up is Nina Noxx...a tall, leggy and beautiful model from the midwest...This is Nina's first time in bondage and it very much overwelms her pysche'...It's easy for us veterans to forget how it felt the first time...Nina echos that sentiment as she hangs on through two intense scenes where I focus the attention on her pussy, but roused her much more with my cane...Ogre ShootID: NIN_083014

08/22/2014 - Sasha Knox 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Sasha Knox does BDSM shoots because she enjoys the experience....After her career as a blonde porn starlet from sunny Arizona, Sasha became a Los Angeles BDSM scenester...her ass has been seen and flogged at many LA fetish clubs and she is every bit as much a fetishist as a porn starlett other words, she is the real deal...experienced, kinky and primal in her lust for pushing herself, Sasha is a bottom who comes to play...I give Sasha no mercy...she is quickly stripped and invaded, spanked and flogged...then hogtied very tightly...I bend her over to give her ass a proper flogging...then orgasms for Sasha...her sensitive pussy betrays her...Then she is thoroughly roped...laid out like my specimen, I toy with her senses uses clamps and electric shock...then toe tickling and bastinado...In the final scene, I rig Sasha into our leg spreader...2 points, 2 cranks and multiple orgasms as I spread her legs wider and wider as her muscles relax...enjoy her suffering, Ogre ShootID: SAS_082114

Members comments:
25 Aug 2014 me wrote: Great shoot! More tickling next time, she really reacted to that!

08/16/2014 - Zoey Monroe 4 Scenes - 289 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 289 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

What a run of extraordinarily beautiful women I've been continues with Zoey...young, natural, hot like magma and very interested in a sincere submissive experience...Zoey was all too excited to play the role...and she slipped into it perfectly...she knows how to give up control to her Master and I find that very endearing...I use all of Zoey's holes, plugging her ass in each scene and sending her though stormy orgasms with double dildos and the magic wand...she makes a few small mistakes during the course of our session, and it gives me good reason to punish her...all in all though, this one is a keeper...only question is, closet or basement? Enjoy your weekend, Ogre ShootID: ZOE_081514

Members comments:
18 Aug 2014 SteveSir wrote: So Fucking Hot

17 Aug 2014 Duane wrote: Big fan of Zoey!

08/08/2014 - Natasha Voya 4 Scenes - 200 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 200 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

Natasha has an upscale feminine vibe that rings of an elegant actress from the golden age of film...her long slim body is to die for and her angellic face makes quite an impression...and it's not just the way she looks...she is a graceful and confident woman with a very polite and charming soul sang with revelry as she lay helplessly hogtied on the floor...another beautiful young woman to put through my paces...the intensity tests the limits of her submission, but I thought I had finally got through to lovely Natasha...after multiple orgasms and much punishment...but her defiance lasts through until the end...perhaps Ill have to have her back to continue my efforts in breaking Natasha...have a safe and relaxing weekend!...Ogre... ShootID: NAT_080614

Members comments:
12 Aug 2014 Jerod wrote: I don't usually like to see that much wiggle room for scene four, but you made the most of it. Sending love to Natasha!

09 Aug 2014 Chzz wrote: Beautiful!

08/01/2014 - Riley Reynolds 4 Scenes - 395 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 395 Photos - 65 Minutes Video

Riley is a very sweet woman...polite and charming...she's all natural and seems very much more like a beautiful young professional than an adult star...possibly a submissive and ultra sexy secretary...introverted a bit from her beauty, and kinky as hell...I was floored right away...I found her blonde hair and blue eyes, especially captivating...she had on this cute little pink and grey outfit...I drag her into the room and tell her how it is...she accepts my terms...and I direct her to undress....I bind her tender young body and explore the joys of her most anxious expressions and pleas for my mercy...She squirts through most of her orgasms...making a big mess for me and loading me with all the motivation I need to keep the preasure on with punishments...she has extraordinary vulnerability....mixed with her fragile figure and innocent attractions, Riley was a very fulfilling play partner...stretched to the limits of her body and pushed to the brink of her pussy, Riley proves and revels in her love for BDSM and bound submission...Ogre... ShootID: RIL_073114

Members comments:
03 Aug 2014 RyanSir wrote: Most excellent BDSM.

02 Aug 2014 provost wrote: One of the very best ever! Love the pipe rack and love the lovely lady and her beautiful, expressive face. Love you too, Mr. Ogre, for your dastardly and inventive mind. You keep the sessions safe and sane, yet on the edge of her limits. Wonderful! Who's next?

02 Aug 2014 BDSMfan wrote: Ogre, the content you're creating recently is putting other sites to shame. And it's very nice that you can find beautiful women to fill up your sites rather than the dogs and cows your competition hires. Please continue this fine work, BD

02 Aug 2014 Harry62 wrote: This was fantastic!

02 Aug 2014 Ogre wrote: Got it...thanks for the heads up

02 Aug 2014 johncamb wrote: Hi wonderful update compliments Riley but the second Clip both download links are bugged. Please fix. Thank you

07/25/2014 - Brooklyn Daniels 4 Scenes - 343 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 343 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

Brooklyn is an amazing feminine specimen...sweet pussy, sweet face, sweet voice...and a long and lean, yet curvaceous body...she loves bondage, submission and cock...every man should have the chance to own and fuck such a woman...On this day, Brooklyn is my gift to Alec...she is caged and waits out the morning for Alec to arrive...I release her and let her know what is expected of be a man-serving, sexually-pleasing, fuck toy...I direct her to remove her clothes, then I tie her in a standing spread...Alec has no interest in getting to know interest in pleasing her...he is there to use her...through four positions, Alec fucks her mouth and pussy with impunity, and Brooklyn show's how dedicated she is to cock submission...Ogre... ShootID: BRO_072214

Members comments:
31 Jul 2014 provost wrote: Would love to see Brooklyn return for a little SR session. And Mr. Ogre, would you please check your Yahoo email or pm me--trying to reach you. And be sure to put RR through her paces for us today!

26 Jul 2014 Renoir wrote: Anything featuring Brooklyn has my rigid attention. That is one sexy lady.

26 Jul 2014 Steve wrote: Isn't this set more appropriate to Fucking Dungeon than SM?

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