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09/21/2019 - Rebel Rhyder 4 Scenes - 134 Photos - 64 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 134 Photos - 64 Minutes Video

I've kept Rebel in my mind since our first shoot...her sincere love of bondage and BDSM is as unforgettable as her amazing tits...Once again, today, I get my hands on them...and the rest of her...She is kept tightly bound throughout the day, enduring long scenes, as I revel in her helpless state...eventually she goes crazy from the long periods of playing with her pussy and she is left, tied with the vibrator, out of her mind...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: REB_091119

09/14/2019 - Rosalyn Sphinx 4 Scenes - 134 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 134 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Rosalyn is a tiny woman with a killer body and sweet face...Being a fresh face around here, I make the mistake of treating her too softly...It doesnt take long to find that this little babe can take it...and that's when I start having some real fun...she takes tough and helpless'll like this one...when she cums once, the vibrator is just tormenting...I leave her like that...bound and moaning...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: ROS_090419

Members comments:
15 Sep 2019 DJ wrote: The final scene was VERY erotic!

09/06/2019 - Katie Kush 4 Scenes - 264 Photos - 77 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 264 Photos - 77 Minutes Video

Katie has been putting the word out...she wanted very much to be tied up and fucked, used for male pleasure like a bound slut, objectified for her pussy and mouth...I felt a deep calling to help her achieve this kinky goal...I kept her tied in my dungeon, waiting...then I invited a friend over...Jay didnt know exactly what was going on, but I left him a note with explicit instructions...Katie definitely gets used hard...Jay keeps her bound for hours as he pounds away at her pussy and mouth...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: KAT_082919

Members comments:
15 Sep 2019 Fred wrote: Absolutely fantastic video. Would have loved if you left the heels on while spread and used.

12 Sep 2019 Felipe wrote: Very boring show , Ogre we missed you

08 Sep 2019 JS wrote: Very nice! Beautiful, flexible girl. While I wouldn't want to see "penetration scenes" all the time (keep the emphasis on the bondage), this was great.

08/31/2019 - Indica Flower 4 Scenes - 110 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 110 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

When I first saw Indica, I saw explosions...A true bombsell of perfect tits and ass, a deep, blue eyed beauty, leaving a trail of lust wherever she goes...and that smile...Seeing her smile is enough to feel like she wants you, and she has fooled many men with that smile...It just doesnt work how she wants it to on this day...whether she wants me or not, I have her where I want her...Bound, writhing, moaning and screaming...There are many new experiences for this masochistic enthusiast...electricity, breast smashers, labia clamps, and I dont think anyone has ever held a vibrator on her pussy quite that long before...You'll see why I do it...come watch...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: IND_082719

Members comments:
12 Sep 2019 Felipe wrote: The best show I've ever seen here

01 Sep 2019 Roomi wrote: Yeeaaa, more Hogties please... ♥️

31 Aug 2019 Warden wrote: More Hogties! Indica looks amazing in this update!

31 Aug 2019 Tanya420 wrote: Please give the plastic wrap a rest. Doesn't need to be in every shoot. Thanks!

31 Aug 2019 vee wrote: Awesome mummification scene!

31 Aug 2019 Gerladf45 wrote: Very good!

08/24/2019 - Kyler Quinn 4 Scenes - 137 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 137 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Kyler is one of the prettiest women you'll ever see...The pristine face and hair, the long and lean, feminine body...The shapely tits and ass, and a perfect little pussy...having her under my control is quite a thrill...and she doesnt seem to mind being an object for male pleasure, even if the pleasure is keeping her helpless, bound and moaning...or screaming...She is dedicated to being that object of kinky desire...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: KYL_081519

08/17/2019 - Serena Avary 4 Scenes - 128 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 128 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

Serena's tits and ass are simply perfect...her entire body glows with the sexy health of a young lady who takes good care of herself...She just loves to be objectified for that beauty too...being bound and used is nothing but a good time, in Serena's eyes...I thoroughly enjoy my time feeling her up and having my way with her bound body...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: SER_080619

Members comments:
20 Aug 2019 Ryan1984 wrote: She looks utterly amazing in a spread eagle!

08/10/2019 - Melody Marks 4 Scenes - 160 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 160 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

Melody is just the perfect female bottom...she's sweet as sugar, hot as fuck, and has all the right curves...and of course, she enjoys being on bottom...Her little pussy gets so sensitive after she cums, she can barely stand it, but she endures everything I give her today, including multiple screaming orgasms...and those moans and screams are just as sweet as she is...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: MEL_080119

Members comments:
13 Aug 2019 vee wrote: clips work now! excellent mummification scene!

13 Aug 2019 Ogre wrote: Please try refreshing the page, Thanks.

13 Aug 2019 maku152 wrote: Hello. Please check the video clips Its not possible to play or download them. Please fix it.

11 Aug 2019 GGH wrote: Fucking beautiful!

08/03/2019 - Amelea Dark 4 Scenes - 152 Photos - 46 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 152 Photos - 46 Minutes Video

Amelea sits, bound, waiting for my plans to unfold...she struggles with zest but there is no escape...I introduce her to my floggers with a word of good...she ignores the advice, being the rebellious woman that she is...I really have to choice but to continue her torment...whips, clamps and electro play are used to tame her, but the only thing that seems to work well is the magic wand...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: AME_073019

Members comments:
01 Sep 2019 Roomi2019 wrote: More Hogties please... ♥️

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