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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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09/22/2015 - Christie Stevens 4 Scenes - 250 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 250 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Blonde and Busty Christie Stevens is a very sexual woman...she is definitely a pleaser, if not a submissive, and often that's all it takes...I let her know how much it pleases me to have her naked and locked up for the afternoon as I grope her pussy, which instantly gets wet...She isnt a hard core BDSM enthusiast, but she enjoys being enjoyed...she enjoys being used and appreciated....appreciation comes in many forms...I keep Christie in bondage, I puinish her for her beauty, and I pleasure her to expose and control her most intimate self...and she does not offer resistance... ShootID: CHR_092115

Members comments:
25 Sep 2015 mikebig wrote: .

25 Sep 2015 imanotellin wrote: Christie Stevens!! Christmas comes early! Thank you!!!!!

24 Sep 2015 Papaguena wrote: Link to first Photo Gallery is broken ... too bad

09/11/2015 - Brittany Shae 4 Scenes - 239 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 239 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

Girl Next Door, Brittany Shae has captivating eyes....I might even say that they are submissive eyes, as they show every emotion as she feels them...Her body is luscious and she is soaked in sexual energy...I think this young woman has many more kinky experiences in her future...She is anxiously submissive as she lays tied and taked, roped to a bed...This is a very tender woman, and very sensitive much more than a hardened BDSM bottom...It's easy to see that just being bound, naked and gagged is enough to effect her...she does her best to endure some good swats from Feenix's hand and floggers, and she blooms when he touches her pussy...She has a deep connection to sexual objectification, and her pussy responds with warm wetness....Feenix keeps her in a state of flux, changing her positions often, and gives this newbie some totally fresh experiences...It's all new to Brittany...the TENS unit, bound tickling, bastinado, floggers, pussy and nipple clamps and Ill never tire of watching newbies undergo these sensations for the first time, while completely bound and helpess...You will know how Brittany feels from her sincere reactions and multiple steamy orgasms...Ogre ShootID: BRI_090815

Members comments:
17 Sep 2015 me wrote: Loved this update. Great foot torture and tickling too!

09/05/2015 - Katrina Jade 4 Scenes - 320 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 320 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

There are millions of beautiful women in the world...I find it hard to find beauty to be rare anymore as I see it so often...But the forces of nature and personality really came up with a very rare combo in Katrina Jade...If my eyes could have left slober all over her naked body as i stared down every inch of her curvacious perfection, im sure they would have...I would say that Katrina lives as somewhat of a dichotomy...all at once she is fragile and if perhaps, at any moment, you could reach out and take her, but she knows that you might just melt before you made it...She is very aware of her own power and the danger she brings into any group of men...As she stands before Feenix, taking his commands and showing off her exquisite bod, all I can feel is jealous...of Feenix...This rare and powerful woman who would submit to only a few, hand picked men, is at his disposal...It's very clear that Katrina knows the submissive role and lives it very sincerely during the scene...A very experienced player who knows her place in submission...through four strict and explosing positions, Feenix punishes and pleasures young Katrina...and she moans so sweetly, and wiggles with desirous intent and her pussy responds as she does, letting go and giving in to her dominant...and her own submissive longings...and, I can honestly say that Katrina's tits and ass are world class, top notch femflesh...enjoy the weekend...Ogre... ShootID: KAT_090415

Members comments:
19 Oct 2015 Alf wrote: This is every scene without Ogre's expertise with electricity: "Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Do you feel it? How about now? How about now? Now? Okay, now? Good, you felt it for a second, now let's turn it off for the rest of the scene." Ogre just turns it up, simple, it eliminates the Q&A session. Seriously, if you had solid electric play on every shoot, I'd be a member for life. Ogre (and Liam from before) are literally the only guys on the internet who know what they're doing. Other than that, Katrina is a fox!

11 Sep 2015 Nonomos wrote: You're killing me with the rubber dildo in the mouth... I just want to see her beautiful face and expressions

10 Sep 2015 me wrote: Loved the foot torture and the tickling!

09 Sep 2015 Killzman wrote: I'd love to get my hands on a willing slut like that.

08 Sep 2015 Fan wrote: Katrina is the sexiest woman in all of porn!

07 Sep 2015 Jaggers wrote: Bangin body and sweet face.

08/28/2015 - Gabriella Paltrova 4 Scenes - 259 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 259 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Small and uber sexy Gabriella Paltrova begins stretched and spread...Feenix takes his time inspecting her fine body before cutting off her lacy outfit...He has tough plans in mind for our little hottie...She is bent over and the Samurai electric dildo is used on her helpless ass hole...He torments her with electric shock as he pleasures her shaved pussy...Gabriella is then tied sitting up, with her legs spread, exposing her pussy...Clamps on the labia and a zipper on each inner thigh...Feenix offers her orgasms as he continues to dominate all of her senses, offering pleasure with only the promise of pain...In the final scene, Gabi is suspended with her legs spread...spent from a long day, she can only hang helplessly as Feenix takes his sadistic liberties with her exposed pussy...Ogre... ShootID: GAB_082615

08/21/2015 - Veronica Avluv 4 Scenes - 283 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 283 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Veronica has had long term relationships where she was a service submissive and sexual slave...she knows BDSM and she knows her place within it...she is a very willing submissive...Feenix is quite happy to have such an experienced bottom as it creates such a smooth flow for an experienced Dominant...She loves to feel helpless and exposed, and she loves to be toyed with...and her pussy loves to cum...and squirt often...Feenix makes sure to keep the rewards and punishments on a balance, which means Veronica suffers as much as she cums...and she handles it all like a well trained slavewhore...Ogre... ShootID: VER_081915

Members comments:
24 Aug 2015 Meyers wrote: It's always hot to see a woman lose control of her body with squirting.

08/13/2015 - Cherie DeVille 4 Scenes - 341 Photos - 72 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 341 Photos - 72 Minutes Video

Cherie has been a delicious morsel in the adult industry for a few years now...We met her very early on in her career and have been shooting her ever since...because she is about as real as it gets...A beautifully voluptuous woman that leaves a slug trail of hotness in her path...and her masochistic desires are deep and sincere...I absolutely revel in my time with her and her body...I keep her as my toy...bound and naked, spread and helpless...she endures my harsh style with total sexiness...and she cums ferociously when I overlead her pussy with pleasure...Every man should have a woman like Cherie available for his use, at least from time to time...She loves to be fully enslaved...Ogre... ShootID: CHE_081115

Members comments:
14 Aug 2015 Dominator wrote: Indeed, every man should own a Cherie. Let me know when it's my turn. Love those curves!

14 Aug 2015 Ogre wrote: Links fixed...thanks

14 Aug 2015 Dolf wrote: The first clip has bad download links.

14 Aug 2015 me wrote: Love it! But I think you should have explored more of the tickling on her feet with the cane to mix in with the bastinado!

14 Aug 2015 Ryan Sir wrote: Wow. Cherie sure did grab my attention. Top notch!

08/07/2015 - Koneko Claw 4 Scenes - 291 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 291 Photos - 61 Minutes Video

It's been just about exactly 2 years since little Koneko left LA to tour the midwest as a stripper...and she is back...older, wiser and still very masochistic...I give her no warms ups, and jump right into whipping her bare body...Koneko loves the sting of the whip, and I love delivering it to her helpless body...She also loves hard bondage and any type of sincere objectification...So it was a good day...A couple suspensions, a couple orgasms and a couple screams...It was a great pleasure to have her back..Ogre ShootID: KON_080515

Members comments:
08 Aug 2015 Meyers wrote: Very intense!

07/31/2015 - Nikki Snow 4 Scenes - 259 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 259 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

This one had a devilish look in her eye from the very beginning...I noticed after checking out Nikki's hot young body for a good long time...She has a very flirty smile, and a long time interest in BDSM...another newbie with masochistsic dreams that remain unfulfilled...Feenix is her guide and dominant and he orchestrates a series of scenerios meant to show us what Nikki is made of...After watching it all go down, Nikki seems to be a sincere cock lover...any attention on her pussy drives her to react, but having it filled and fucked satiates her deeply...she has orgasms like going over a waterfall...she is bound tightly, made to endure many punishments, but Nikki never falters...she is a patient whore who will wait for her reward, and then take it for all it's worth...she's a keeper...Ogre... ShootID: SHOOTID

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