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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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SocietySM now has 215930 photos and 37439 minutes of video.

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09/03/2016 - Karly Baker 4 Scenes - 293 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 293 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Karly is a total newbie and someone without much of a kinky past, but she is ready to give it a go, just as I notice that she has braces on her teeth...I think that really shows just how new this young woman is...,at least it sunk the point home to me fairly quickly...Simon was uneffected and gave Karly his version of the introductory session...Karly does well to endure, and feels the intense pleasure of the bound orgasm, as well as the sting of dissappointing Simon's directives...but if this were a test, Karly definitely passed...Have a great holiday weekend!...Ogre... ShootID: KAR_082416

Members comments:
05 Sep 2016 monte73 wrote: PLEASE bring Karly Baker back, for sure, the most awesome newbie you've had on this site EVER

08/27/2016 - Molly Mae 4 Scenes - 421 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 421 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Molly has visited us before, but I never got the chance to dominate her. I did get to drool over her fine tits and ass, and was charmed by those blue eyes and perfect smile, but no hands on and no control...But on this visit, she is mine and looking hotter than ever, I might add...I revel in her helplessness...Groping her body with impunity is glorious...She is kept in tright bondage, leaving little room to struggle as I perform my devious duties...She will confess to me...I like to make them confess...and Molly is as guilty as the rest...a hot little slut who loves to tease, but enjoys being used in extreme ways...Enjoy a long, relaxing and kinky weekend, Ogre... ShootID: MOL_082316

Members comments:
07 Sep 2016 Phil13 wrote: Hello Ogre, Just rejoined the site after seeing Nicole Bexley, Bailey Brooke and Molly Mae. Keep them coming back and I will never leave. More tight AOH please

28 Aug 2016 James wrote: What type of string did you use to tie her breasts? The application seemed easy. And what amazing breasts Molly has! Great update, as usual.

08/20/2016 - Belle Noire 4 Scenes - 268 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 268 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Belle is back at SocietySM and I keep it simple as I ramp up the intensity...She knows the ins and outs of BDSM and she knows that scenes get tougher as you come back for more....The tight ropes keep her in place as I explore her body with impact of every sort...Belle's ass is always an endearing and endruing target...Her tight little pussy is given more attention than it is used to and Belle moans and screams her way through multiple orgasms....Enjoy, Ogre ShootID: BEL_081616

Members comments:
19 Apr 2017 cmp wrote: Great update. Belle has a gorgeous pussy!

20 Aug 2016 Ogre wrote: Links Fixed

20 Aug 2016 dyno wrote: movies cannot be downloaded

08/12/2016 - Bailey Brooke 4 Scenes - 444 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 444 Photos - 52 Minutes Video

Let's thank evolutionary biology for creatures like Bailey...Someone needs kudos...I'm still floored when a woman shocks me with her beauty and sexuality, and with as many truly beautiful women that we have been shooting lately, Bailey is a stand out. The tits and ass are top notch and natural...the face conjures up notions of the classic fragile damsel...her soft voice and submissive ways complete the picture...She is ready for a bondage adventure, and that is what I intend to give her...The bondage is tight and the punishments real and it makes her pussy very very wet...Enjoy, Ogre ShootID: BAI_080416

Members comments:
21 Aug 2016 Daghenry wrote: More with her please

12 Aug 2016 RandomStranger wrote: Great Update. One note, the 720p and 1080p links are backwards on this and at least the last couple of updates.

12 Aug 2016 Killron wrote: smashing!

12 Aug 2016 Mystiac wrote: So much excellence here, starting with her tits. Great work in finding these women and showing them the ropes!

08/05/2016 - Cadence Lux 4 Scenes - 267 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 267 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

As the scene opens, Cadence tells me that she has been a slut, and apparently she does feel as if that behavior deserves a punishment...and I admire that...she is ready to suffer for her personal indiscretions...It fills me with a sense of perverted irony that I will enjoy this way too much as I take to deeply groping her lovely body...You'll see Cadence encounter some serious fear, and even some weepy eyes, but she was all too willing to endure as we checked on her...The orgasms seemed as painful as the whips and canes for poor Cadence, but something deep inside her is committed to paying for her sexual sins....Have a great summer weekend, Ogre.. ShootID: CAD_072816

07/28/2016 - Nicole Bexley 4 Scenes - 193 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 193 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

When I first saw Nicole in that red bikini, all I could think was candy...Her small body is perfection...Those tits are natural and as rare as blue diamonds...She looks up at me with those big brown eyes and tells me that she's submissive...I tell her that we will find out how far that submisison goes...I was happy to find that this woman is as tough and determined as she is exotic and sexy...The spread eagle really reveals her full beauty, and the last scene proves that her pussy is multi-orgasmic and always ready for more...For a first timer, or even an experienced bottom, Nicole impresses us and gives us all hard ons....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: NIC_072216

Members comments:
30 Jul 2016 D69anger wrote: I have seen a lot of crap scenes over the years and you must know that these are some of the most legit and intense BDSM scenes ever made. Great job with the models and the content. Love it!

29 Jul 2016 James wrote: Yup, she is perfect.

07/22/2016 - Lily Rader 4 Scenes - 195 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 195 Photos - 55 Minutes Video

Lily is a heart breaker and a jaw dropper, which means when you arent longing to own her, you're wishing to fuck her...Her very existence seems to put off the natural balance of power between men and women...which means, she is too beautiful for her own good...The blonde and blue innocence along with her killer body create a very potent combination...I remain unaffected as I tell her my plan for the day...Today, Lily learns that beauty is suffering, and I learn that her pussy is very, very sensitive once she cums...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: LIL_072116

Members comments:
24 Jul 2016 LuvnIt wrote: Another sexy shoot - Ogre shoots are my favorite.

23 Jul 2016 provost wrote: Lovely, unblemished, expressive, adventuresome...superb!

23 Jul 2016 Nools92 wrote: A beautiful young woman with no tattoos is a rare find. Very nice!

07/15/2016 - Gia Paige 5 Scenes - 320 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 320 Photos - 57 Minutes Video

Gia shows up knowing how it's her second session with SocietySM, following a very hot debut last summer...Such a charming young woman with a warm smile and graceful ways...When Simon enters, she changes...She knows what we ask her to sacrifice her beauty for our pleasure through her suffering...and Simon makes it clear and she listens as he gropes and strips her...Her orgasms are well earned and usually accopanied by pain...Simon uses a variety of electric insertables to shock her pussy as he teases her clit with the magic wand...The impact is sincere and so are Gia's moans and screams as Simon sticks to our favorite theme...the sacrifice of pain for pleasure....Ogre... ShootID: GIA_071316

Members comments:
19 Jul 2016 Rodgers wrote: You have consistently beautiful models and that is very appreciated. Great STuff!

16 Jul 2016 provost wrote: You've surpassed yourself, Simon, and thanks for the inspiration, Gia. Such a lovely, expressive face...and a beautiful and sensitive body. Those soles vulnerable and exposed in the final scene deserved more rigorous treatment, and rubber bands are ideal for eliciting a strong response with little effort...and they work well with other activities. Kudos to you both!

15 Jul 2016 Me wrote: Simply put, this was one of the best updates every. Beautiful girl, very sexy bondage, and I loved how much she responded to the foot tickling!

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