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12/28/2015 - Tiffany Watson 4 Scenes - 243 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 243 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

SImon gets his hands on a total BDSM newbie, and she is very sexy and very submissive...Tiffany is a flowering young woman with deep sexual passions, but she is not a painslut...Im sure she was shocked just to find how we would bind her, but the idea of being flogged, or having clamps put on her most sensitive parts is not native to her sexual experiences...Simon takes his time building a rapport and dominant trust...But it's not long before she is wrapped from shoulders to ankles, with her luscious tits hanging out...And he introduces her to some flogging....Her squirms and expressions are newbie gold...When he exposes her perfect pink pussy in the second scene, its ad if he finds her very center...he gives her an overdose of pleasure and pussy objectification...Tiffany will come to believe the power of her sexual submission when she feels the power of orgasms applied to her helpless body...And so her training goes...Exposed, nude, punished and pleasured, which is one of Simon's favorite routines...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: TIF_121815

Members comments:
06 Jan 2016 dildano wrote: whatever happened to daily updates?

30 Dec 2015 provost wrote: Lovely young lass with interesting possibilities but the treatments are too focused on plunging and groping and vining, and too little on the proper work of BDSM. After mummifying, for example, why not work her soles a bit? She's utterly helpless and the soles are perfectly exposed? And the whipping could be a bit...crisper and more challenging. Stretch her a bit, too, literally and figuratively...please? All the best for the new year!

29 Dec 2015 veeshan wrote: Excellent mummification

12/23/2015 - Jenna Foxx 4 Scenes - 182 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 182 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

Jenna Foxx is delightful, young, spritely, woman. She has a great smile and loves hamming it up. She also has an incredible body, topped with beautiful natural breasts...She has toyed with BDSM in her personal life, but mostly D/s, and being tied up and restrained inspired a good amount of anxiety in this happy young woman. I found that to be very attractive, and very sincere. Jenna's eyes will tell the story of her journey. Possibly a bit confused about her own submissive predicament with Feenix as her dominant guide, and specfically confused with why we want to smash her breasts in the first scene...Feenix explains it all quite clearly, as she is being made to endure masochistic trals, at his hands, in order to help her better achieve a state of suffering for her top...In other words, to make her a better pain slut and cumfreak...We do believe there is hope for her, as her orgasms are very entertaining, and so is her suffering...Happy Holidays and peace to all kinksters, Ogre... ShootID: JEN_121715

Members comments:
14 Jan 2016 phatrfit wrote: I would love to see more of her. Perhaps through the Training of O.

26 Dec 2015 killian wrote: I could appreciate how nervous and vulnerable she seemed to feel throughout.

26 Dec 2015 Damien wrote: pretty tame

12/16/2015 - Audrey Noir 4 Scenes - 223 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 223 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

Audrey Noir is happy to submit to Simon Blaise. In a sense, she is already under his dominant control because of her submissive feelings to please him. But getting the chance to please Simon is taking a chance that she will not succeed. Simon demands not only enduring his subjective control, but doing it a way that serves his dominant ways. In short, not every submissive is going to pass his inspection. But watching it all go down is very entertaining and quite sexual...I never got the chance to ask Simon if she passed or not, but I cant imagine her not making the grade. Audrey suffers for him over and over, and when he offers his hand, she cums for him with only his fingers at play...Audrey is a dedicated and driven submissive...Ogre ShootID: AUD_121015

Members comments:
17 Dec 2015 Philip wrote: All HD Video Clips have a lot of dead space after scene is complete. Also HD Video Clip 4 has a distortion/corruption in the video quality in the part with the flaming dildo. Please fix....Thanks

17 Dec 2015 Killian wrote: The flaming dildo is very erotic!

12/10/2015 - Abby Rains 4 Scenes - 375 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 375 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Abby Rains is back, and exercising her impressive submissive sexuality once again, at the hands of Feenix...Abby is a wonderfully submissive woman who truly enjoys the bottom sided role, and playing with her is like molding clay that can mold itself...She knows what is expected of her as a submissive within BDSM, and she knows that we will push her ability to endure, because that is how we enjoy seeing her, within the grips of the conflicted emotions of submission and masochism...Feenix keeps her there well...on the edge of screams and orgasmic moans...Abby proves herself again, an does so in a very sensual fashion..enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: ABB_12091

Members comments:
26 May 2016 John wrote: The first scene's download videos are completely black after 15 minutes. I tried both clips.

12 Dec 2015 Jung wrote: Great to see Abby again. What a body! And a very service oriented attitude.

11/28/2015 - Holly Hendrix 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 302 Photos - 51 Minutes Video

Holly is tiny and scrumptous...she is also filled with submissive fantasies...she tells me of her deep attraction to bondage, and I know that today will be a good day. Holly sees herself as an object of sex, which is easy to understand, as her sexy little body has all the right curves, including amazing tits and ass...Her angel face loves to smile, and I find out, it also loves to suffer...Holly removes her clothes as I remove her power and strip it away as I bind her to the chair...This one loves to struggle, loves to feel the sexiness of being that bound object of sex, owned and drained of it's pleasure..I give it to her all day long and she soaks it up like an ideal and fragile, sexual submissive, with the lustful power to endure anything to prove her worth and give purpose to that beauty....Ogre... ShootID: HOL_111715

Members comments:
29 Nov 2015 provost wrote: Pretty girl but a pretty tame session...too much about her arousal and satisfaction, and a little too little of more rigorous treatments. Mr. O, are you getting soft in your maturity? Well, better luck next time.....

11/21/2015 - Rachael Madori 4 Scenes - 389 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 389 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

We didnt give Rachael much time to prepare when she arrived for her shoot...She went right from paperwork to being bound and left on the floor for a round of photos...We all noted how sexy she looked in her casual wear...Feenix devises a nice plan for Rachael and she starts out, spread in stocks, as he removes her clothes...And she is in for a long day...Feenix gives her intense doses of punishment, as Rachael seems to feed off the helplessness in somewhat of a terrified sexual fit...and it is amazing to behold...Rachael is one of our favorite bottoms, when she isnt kicking guys in the balls as a domme...this girl is no powder puff, but she has all the right parts to make her softly and sweetly, sexually submissive and sincere...Ogre.. ShootID: RAC_111215

11/14/2015 - Goldie Rush 4 Scenes - 278 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 278 Photos - 52 Minutes Video

Although a slut with spunk and inner desire often has the natural means to enjoy sex, they may equally Goldie is an adorable young woman with such a pretty face, I have to imagine she feels shy when she gazes upon herself in the mirror...and that shyness of beauty permeates her entire sexuality, creating a lovely being of submission...and a perverted princess who enjoys pushing her limits and emotional expressions of pain...Goldie's strength is in her ability to endure and experience heightened feelings of lust and ravenous desires, through being controlled...Its not obvious in her stature, but she is overflowing with fragile feminine energy which seeks to prove itself in very extreme ways, and enjoy it all like a good and honest sexual submissive, which Goldie might just see as being a dedicated lover who is willing to please her partners...and Im sure she does...Ogre... ShootID: GOL_111115

Members comments:
17 Nov 2015 provost wrote: Superb update! I was initially concerned by the slow start, but that simply set the stage for the deliberate, inexorable exploration of the most sensitive parts of the young woman's lovely body. The springs are a particularly clever innovation--they offer no slack--and the attention given to Goldie's tender soles in the closing predicament was exceptionally well done. It's coming time for another racking, I think...and the last one was wonderful. There has been little feedback in here in recent weeks, but I hope you realize that your efforts are well appreciated: lovely models dastardly challenges, skilled exploration of sensitivities....

11/07/2015 - Amara Romani 4 Scenes - 392 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 392 Photos - 65 Minutes Video

Although a slut with spunk and inner desire often has the natural means to enjoy sex, they may equally lack the submission to please the most demanding of sexual partners...Amara's boyfriend hasn't been incredibly impressed with her urge to serve him sexually, although she is very sexual and motivated to please her own needs, she often does not service him as he would like. Feenix has an afternoon with Amara, to make an impression upon her of what her sluttiness should look like...She is made to strip and shackled in steel cuffs, she is directed with explicit instructions...Feenix lays down the law and spends the rest of the day reinforcing it with helplessness, pleasure and pain...Amara truly only needed a small move to find her proper direction, and perhaps it is Amara's boyfriend who does not know how to dominate her...But he can use this video as a reference to figure her out...we are always glad to help, Ogre... ShootID: AMA_103015

Members comments:
14 Nov 2015 Philip254d wrote: The HD Video Clip 1 freezes up when playing back after download around the 17 minute mark.

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