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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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02/24/2005 - Gen Padova, Rhiannon Bray 3 Scenes - 172 Photos - 37 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Rhiannon Bray is back for some tough treatment...We start by tying her long body, face up, to the spanking bench...her arms are pulled back tightly and her legs are pinned down...Ogre whips her front side, working his way down from the breasts to her ripe pussy...he fingers and slaps her opened legs, he chokes her and he whips her some more...In the second scene, Rhiannon stands atop the wooden pony...but she isnt standing long as Ogre ties her ankles up to make her ride the sharp edge of the pony...Rhiannon struggles fiercly to get away...she struggles to move her clit from the point...Ogre applies clothespins to her breasts and bamboo clamps to her nipples...Rhiannon still struggles too much, so Ogre decides to spread her legs...he pulls each ankle out until Rhiannon sits helplessly with all her weight on her poor pussy...he leaves her there as she tries to catch her breath and relieve the preasure on her clit...a tough and beautiful woman...

The final scene features bondage cutie, Gen Padova...Gen is naked and spread on the wooden platform...the Pope enters to grope her pussy and play with her firm tits...then he fucks her with a dildo on a stick...Gen reacts well, but the Pope decides to tape gag her and use the magic wand on her clit while he fucks her pussy...if youve seen Gen before, you know screaming orgasms are on the way...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great contrast!

02/18/2005 - Mariah Slave 4 Scenes - 301 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Mariah begins dressed in white lingerie and shoes...hemp rope is use to restrain her as Ogre prepares to undress and inspect her body...Mariah is quiet and submissive as he removes her top and pulls down her panties...he gropes her abundant breasts then lays her over his legs with her ass up for a good spanking...Ogre thoroughly manhandles Mariah before completing the hogtie and leaving her...Mariah is then rigged for suspension...Ogre enters to hoist her from the ground and begin her torment...first, he applies nipple clamps to her helpless chest, then he uses a crop on her ass, feet and tits...Mariah begins to squirm in mid-air as the crop starts to sting her...the beautiful latina is then tied spread standing...a flogger is used to tenderize her large breasts and perfect ass...he holds her head back by her hair as he applies the strokes...parachute cord is used to tie her tits and she behaves very well as he tightly wraps them and pulls them apart...more cord is used between her legs in a painful pussy tie and bamboo sticks are used to pinch her nipples...The last two scenes feaure Mariah tied and pleasured...first, it's spread eagle, naked on the bed...a vibrator is tied onto her pussy and she can only take so much before cumming...then Mariah gets strapped up with black leather...the vibrator is buckled into her crotch and Mariah squirms as we leave her on the bed...

Members comments:
11 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: How do they look SO sweet & sexy when they go through this kind of punishment?

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: OK

02/13/2005 - Rachel Love 4 Scenes - 200 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Rachel is new to Los Angeles and new to bondage...a midwest transplant coming to the big city to get tied and's hard not to take advantage of her, especially when she says things like "go ahead, do it all, I like it rough"...she soon finds herself half-naked and strapped from ankles to shoulders in black leather...a panel gag fills her mouth as she lays and waits for Ogre... he arrives and quickly takes advantage of the helpless girl...he pulls down her panties to inspect her pussy, then spanks her ass to a nice red glow...he then wraps chain around her neck and locks it to the footbars of the bedframe and her ankles are fixed in the same fashion to the the next scene, Rachel is spread on the a scene that spans 15 minutes, Ogre begins by spanking her spread pussy...the lip loop is used to spread her out and Ogre uses clothespins on her nipples and breasts...after Rachel can take no more, the loop is removed and a magic wand is used to buzz her pussy...Rachel doesn't use vibrators much and the powerful wand rocks her clit like a hammer as she screams and struggles...Ogre gives her no mercy from this torment until she loses control and squirts all over the bed...In the next scene, Rachel is naked and her long body stretched out in a lying strappado...Ogre uses electric dildos in her pusy and ass until she begs for peace...The long, final scene begins with Rachel tied naked on a spanking bench...Ogre spanks her, then uses a cane on her precious ass...a dildo on a stick is used to fuck her pussy and Rachel is helpless to resist...Ogre takes over with his hands to grope her pussy and finger her ass in a hard, pounding motion...then he blindfolds her and leaves her there for some naked humiliation...

Members comments:
13 May 2013 Me wrote: where it the vidio?

22 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: I absolutely LOVE these 'bound & gagged on the bed' style bondage scenes, they are VERY, VERY sexy & the softness of the bedroom contrasts sharply with the predicament of the helplessness of the poor, sweet damsel! 10/10! :¬ D

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: HOT

15 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Nice body. shame that there is only one set.

02/05/2005 - Venus Porn 3 Scenes - 153 Photos - 36 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

This beauty can take some punishment...and she does as her afternoon in bondage continues...Poor Venus is tied to the spankig horse with her arms tied around it and thighs spread wide...Ogre uses a ball gag head harness to keep her quiet as he applies the Quad clips to each nipple...he removes the painful clips and flogs her breasts and pussy...Ogre ties back Venus's head and uses a magic wand to make her cum...In the next scene, Venus is tied like a captive marionette...her arms are box-tied behind her, and a breast harness is tied off above her...thigh slings are used to hoist her from the ground and Ogre immediately ties her legs apart as she hangs in the air...a fine time to visit her helpless pussy for groping and the final scene, Venus is roped down to a wooden slab...her legs are spread and pulled back, her wrists are tied at her sides and a rope around her neck keeps her laid out...Ogre first wires Venus for pussy shocking...he applies the TENS pads to her labia and turns up the current as Venus moans and struggles...Venus can only look on as he inserts the fucking machine and turns it on...the dildo plunges in and out as Ogre applies pegs to her nipples...a large wad of cloth, a tape gag and tape blindfold are applied to her mouth and eyes as the fucking continues...then Ogre ties each breast in tight twine and leaves Venus to be helplessly fucked fast and hard...

Members comments:
08 Nov 2007 Tamora8 wrote: Gallery 1 (02/05/05) and Gallery 3 (01/11/05) are identical.

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great as always, but the bound breasts in the end are awesome!

02/02/2005 - Gen Padova 3 Scenes - 244 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Gen is a little girl with a great ass and a big bondage lust...her feet are tied apart, her hands are tied behind her back and Gen is naked...the rope tied to her hands is pulled up, forcing Gen to bend over...the Pope enters the scene to redden her ass with his hand...he spanks her and then uses the flogger...he uses a vibrator to make Gen cum as he rolls it over her pussy and pushes it inside...In the next scene, Gen is crucified...the Pope flogs her front before inserting the magic wand into the ropes around her thighs...the head of the magic wand rests tightly against her pussy and he swtiches it on...Gen has multiple-multiple orgasms as the Pope uses clamps on her nipples and flogs her again...The stool below her feet is pulled away and Gen is left to struggle and orgasm once again...the orgasmic panic throughout this scene makes it one of my all time favorites...In the last two photo sets, Gen is tied on her knees with her hands above her head, and then an extreme, ass-up tie...the Pope uses a dick-on-a-stick to plunge into Gen's helpless pussy over and over...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: This crucified woman scene is a good variation!

01/28/2005 - Athena Rodriguez, Lena Ramon 3 Scenes - 126 Photos - 24 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

In the first photo set, Athena is naked and locked into a cuffed spreader-bar...we put her on her back, then roll her over as Ogre gropes it up for pictures...Athena's shoot gets interesting as Ogre decides to suspend our helpless, first-timer...first, she is pulled from the ground by two points...Ogre enters to flog her ass and back, then he flips her over to get at her stomach and breasts...In the next set, Athena is hoisted up, upside down, by her ankles...with hands tied behind her back, she is helpless to spin until Ogre grabs her...he spanks her ass and inspects her pussy before pulling her around by her hair and leaving to hang and spin again....

The last scene features Lena Ramon, gagged, naked and spread helpless to be fucked...Ogre sets up the fucking machine and switches it on...the fucking and vibrating go on for 12 minutes as Lena rolls through orgasm after orgasm....Ogre uses chopsticks to pinch her pussy lips and leaves her there...

Members comments:
06 Dec 2008 dogman wrote: you know what i want for xmas . her tied up under the tree , she is so hot

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Another great one!

01/23/2005 - Claire Adams 3 Scenes - 199 Photos - 26 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

True submissive, Claire Adams begins her tough day of BDSM straddling and tied to a wooden pony...her pussy lips are spread wide by twine tied to her labia piercings and the seat of the pony cuts through her loins...her arms are pulled up in a strappado and Claire stuggles to find comfort...Josef enters and applies clamps to her nipples and ties them in front to keep Claire bent forward...He uses a magic wand to vibrate the pony and the vibrating wood brings her to orgasm...In the second scene Claire is tied with her legs split...her hands are tied above her head and she waits for Josef to return...he takes advantage of Claire's wide-spread legs and fingers her pussy...he pulls her hands up high to stretch her out nicely then he buzzes her with the magic wand...he takes a vibe break to pound on her chest, then ties her pussy lips open...he goes back to the vibrator and leaves it in her crotch until she cums long and hard...Claire is then tied down to the stretching table...her legs are frogtied, her arms are tied behind her back, and rope strands keep her silent and blind...the Invader fucking machine is used to fuck Claire's helpless pussy untill she writhes in bound-fucked pleasure...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Stunning split! And great how sche waits for more dildo action!

01/18/2005 - Lena Ramon 3 Scenes - 143 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

In this update, lovely and lustful, Lena Ramon comes over for an afternoon of bondage fun with SSM...In the first scene, Lena is wearing a hard-shell corsett and black skirt...She is tied into a web of rope that extends out to 4x4 uprights on either side....she struggles a bit before Ogre enters the scene...he takes advantage of Lena and undresses her as much as the ropes allow...he pulls up her skirt and plays with her pussy before clamping her labia and wieghing them down...In the next scene, she is tied ina bent-over position....her hands are pulled up and her chest is tied down which leaves her perfect ass out to be spanked, flogged and lightly caned...then a clear dildo is pushed into her pussy and tied into place...In the final scene, our helpless girl is tied spread eagle...a thin seat in her crotch keeps her feet from the ground and a red ball-gag keeps her quiet...Ogre flogs her breasts and stomach before using TENS pads around her pussy...he turns up the current and Lena moans as the shocks grow stronger....then a vibrator is used to make her cum as Ogre toys with her sensitive and famous, pleasure-loving clit...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Old stockings make your scenes even greater!

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