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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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10/29/2016 - Alex Blake 4 Scenes - 262 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 262 Photos - 35 Minutes Video

Angel faced babes in bondage always draw a crowd, and this angel faced babe has quite a body too, and an amazing pink pussy that seems entirely brand new in appearance...Sweet eighteen year old, Alex Blake has never faced being bound and helpless before, and it shows...especially on her face...She seems to have been born into a sexually submissive personna, and we prove that on this day...She knows her place, she knows what she is here for, and it excites her, and scares her, as it should...This type of beauty is rare....controlling and contorting it was my pleasure....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: ALE_102716

Members comments:
22 Dec 2017 Michael wrote: Please put Alex & Carolina Sweets in a shoot together, these two did a shoot together on "Nubiles" see them bound together, spanked & vibed would be a dream come true :)

13 Dec 2016 New Alex Blake's Fan wrote: Wow you really need to get her back on your site. Well done! She is one of the best models I've seen in the bondage world, with such a perfect body and so beautiful too! Would love to see you tease her more with orgasm denial and more views of her pussy contracting during orgasms. Her first time reactions are priceless! Get her back!

11 Nov 2016 Sexploit-her wrote: she is such a cutie face, petite body, pretty hazel eyes, adorable feet, soles and toes love when she curls her feet, soles and toes in Clip 2 and Clip 4 so hot, her toes seem like they're quite prehensile I bet she could do great foot jobs and toe jobs I can just see one or both of her feet and toes gripping and stroking a Cock. she looks even cuter when she's ball gagged and drooling, I would love to see more of her especially in Adjustable Stocks like Adriana Faust's SocietySM Clip from over Ten and a Half years ago or in suspension like Ginger Lee's Perfect Slave Clip from almost Nine years ago that would be so sexy seeing her in those predicaments.

10/23/2016 - Amber Faye 4 Scenes - 233 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 233 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

Sleek and sexy Amber Faye offers herself up for our sadistic whims, with very little idea of what sadistic whims are...She never imagined someone might enjoy tying her up and shocking the bottoms of her feet, but today she meets that person...Feenix is all too happy to give Amber her first dose of BDSM and he gives her a wide range of new experiences...Sweet Amber just isnt sure how to act when he is punishing her, but she lights up quite nicely when she feels pleasure in her pussy...Ogre... ShootID: AMB_101316

10/17/2016 - Mya Mays 4 Scenes - 272 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 272 Photos - 49 Minutes Video

Mya has dreamed about being tied up, but the notion of pain never really filtered through those fantasies...She bravely steps forward to subject herself to Feenix's version of BDSM, and discovers how truly uncomfortable many of the activities feel...Her reactions are very sincere and border on complete surprise, none of them being more sincere than when she loses control of her pussy and wets our floor on many occasions. I think it's safe to say that Mya had never held a vibrator to her own pussy passed orgasms. Feenix toys with this newbie, in an almost humorous fashion, as many of Mya's reactions are pricelessly entertaining...In the end, she learns that she likes being tied up a lot, and learning to enjoy the pain is something very different...Ogre... ShootID: MAY_101116

10/07/2016 - Sydney Cole 4 Scenes - 471 Photos - 44 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 471 Photos - 44 Minutes Video

The incredibly sexy Sydney Cole sits on the floor, tied up in her panties, and I revel in the process of manhandling another newbie...but not just another newbie...Sydney is fucking beautiful...The eyes, the mouth, the lips, and her amazing body are all mine today...The bondage is restrictive and in the final scene, I hang her by her ankles...She endures every scene without complaint, in total submission as I pleasure and punish her for her beauty...She knows she deserves it....enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: SYD_100516

Members comments:
08 Oct 2016 72Juan wrote: I would make the sign of the cross over her ass before I smacked it.

08 Oct 2016 pervmeister wrote: Thank you Sydney and Ogre! Keep up the good work.

09/30/2016 - Bailey Brooke 4 Scenes - 290 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 290 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

For Bailey's first shoot, she showed her very submissive side, but that is only one side of this exquisite creature...She chose a somewhat bratty path on this occasion, and I found it every bit as much fun, and even a bit more challenging....It's sometimes nice to feel the conflict of a non-submissive masochist pushing back against the dominant's will...With Bailey, it only lasted so long, and by the 3rd scene, her attitude and behavior take a noteworthy turn...another arousing update featuring this luscious babe....enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: BAI_092916

Members comments:
06 Oct 2016 Yuri A wrote: This woman is perfect!

01 Oct 2016 Ogre wrote: Links are fixed. Thanks

01 Oct 2016 monte73 wrote: Ditto to what bubba said

01 Oct 2016 bubba wrote: None of the video links are working

09/22/2016 - Nicole Bexley 4 Scenes - 464 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 464 Photos - 47 Minutes Video

As soon as Nicole left, after her first shoot, I was ready to own her again...her entire body, and I dare say her entire existence is nothing but a sex toy...a tease that pays off...a willing submissive who enjoys suffering...and that body, covered in perfect skin, athletic and curvy, has me drooling as I type...My pleasure, on this day, was all about seeing her suffer...she makes such adorable faces and reacts to every sensitive manipulation...she squirts on every orgasm, leaving a mess in the dungeon, and for that, I make her day worse that it had to be...enjoy, Ogre ShootID: NIC_090516

Members comments:
26 Jan 2017 Jur wrote: 1st video link missing

15 Oct 2016 JB wrote: She has a PTP (Perfect Tight Pussy).

23 Sep 2016 Murtough wrote: Kick ass update!

23 Sep 2016 monte73 wrote: Love Nicole Bexley, would have no problem whatsoever with seeing her here on a (very) regular basis (less with the heels, please)

23 Sep 2016 James wrote: Nicole is mesmerizing.

09/16/2016 - Eden Sinclair 4 Scenes - 424 Photos - 59 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 424 Photos - 59 Minutes Video

Eden comes to us with many fantasies of submission and masochism...Simon gets inside her head to fully prepare himself for dominating young Eden...He is very strict as the shoot progresses, keeping the punishments harsh and the bondage tight. Eden feels the sting of clamps on her nipples and pussy, the rush of electric play on her ass and thighs, the powerfull fall of the flogger tails, and even takes a large anal hook in her ass...Eden seems like she was born to it. Made to suffer, and then cum her brains out...Her pussy is very senstive and lusts after any type of attention, and Simon makes sure to give her vast rewards when she submits to his command over her....Ogre... ShootID: EDE_090216

09/10/2016 - Lily Rader 4 Scenes - 413 Photos - 53 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 413 Photos - 53 Minutes Video

Lily has quickly become a top notch bondage model...Not only is she gorgeous, she loves BDSM and her position as a submissive...I step up the intensity to see if Lily can hang, and she never waivers, even when she is literally hanging...I hoist her up into a strict hogtie suspension in the second scene after warming up her tender pussy in the first....I leave no area of Lily's precious body untouched...Her feet, her nipples, her ass, her back, her pussy...they are all my objects today and I give them all plenty of attention...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: LIL_083016

Members comments:
14 Jan 2018 Mike wrote: Man, she has pretty toes....the kind I would suck on :)

10 Sep 2016 monte73 wrote: You GOTTA love a little blond Leo beauty who looks totally innocent and babydoll and made-out-of-porcelain, and YET--- can take the punishment. And take it. And then take it some more (keep bringin her back for it)

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