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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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01/10/2004 - Darby O'Riley 3 Scenes - 136 Photos - 30 Minutes Video
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Darby is a super-fine, ultra-feminine bondage specimen who endures tight bondage and true torture in this SSM the first photo set, she poses and shows us her silly and sensual sides...dressed in a black business suit and skirt, complete with hose, garter and thong, she is tied to a pole...bent over with her arms tied strapado...her neck and elbows are tied to the pole keeping her ass high in the air...Ogre enters with a cane and then moves on to a variety of whips, leaving her perfect ass, red and marked...then Darby is tied to a bench, hands pulled over head, ankles tied together, and her body tied down by winds of hemp rope at her hips and shoulders...she struggles to get away, mmphing through a blue ball gag...Ogre comes in to grope her soft flesh, then applies four TENS pads to her stomach...she squeals as he turns it up slowly...then mousetraps on the nipples and a warten wheel stings her breasts...adorable Darby is helpless to struggle as Ogre has his a chest harness, arms bound behind her back and thighs rigged for the impending suspension...then she is completely rigged and hoisted into the air in a flying hogtie...Ogre enters to swing her around and pull her hair...then breaks out the violet wand and shocks her helpless the next scene, Darby is wearing a tight black cat suit and heels...white rope secures her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows and a tight crotch rope completes the tie...Ogre unzips her to grope her breasts and encases her head in red vet wrap leaving her to struggle on the the final scene, Darby is roped to a torture chair...legs apart with body completely tethered....her arms are pulled above her head and secured...Ogre enjoys her velvety flesh and ties some twine through her left pierced nipple...the twine is pulled overhead leaving her anxious and even more immobile...he applies a tape gag and adorable Darby sits still in her fragile predicament to be viewed and enjoyed...

Members comments:
22 Sep 2014 mixxer41 wrote: darby is definitely adorable

13 May 2008 popeye1250 wrote: GREAT model!!! When is she doing more shoots with you guys? "WE WANT DARBY!" "WE WANT DARBY!"

23 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Anice variation!

19 Aug 2007 fan wrote: nice hot redhead

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