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Ria Tigress
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Ria is a luscious woman...she wants to take a journey that scares her, and today she faces that journey...she knows she is going to have the control stripped from her, just as she will be stripped naked of her clothes...and she knows Mark will use her and challenge her...and Ria isnt totally comfortable with any of this...Control, after all, is not an easy thing to give up, even for people who may enjoy the idea...But Ria is willing, and from the first moment, you can see the struggle within her to face her fears...It's pure joy for me, as an outsider on this shoot...Ria embodies the fragile nature of the beautiful female submissive...Her expressions couldnt be any more sincere, or any more sensual...she isnt a pain slut, not yet, but she expresses what she does feel, in a very pleasing way...Enjoy, Ogre...(Shoot ID: RIA_070317)

Members comments:
05 Jan 2018 Mike wrote: Great insight Ogre, it sounds like "Political Correctness" is rearing its ugly head in the BDSM world now given that some agents won't book a BDSM shoot for a model & that is unfortunate, I too have noticed a change not just on this site but others as well, it seems most European sites have stopped operating altogether, I am amazed the PC crowd hasn't demanded sites taken down since men seem to be under attack here lately in the media. I still say this site is still the best one out there.

14 Jul 2017 Jonasylum wrote: Thanks for the insider explanation there Ogre. In general, the more painful a BDSM site is, the less attractive the models seem to be. What I like most about Societysm is the young women that I don't find anywhere else! The other popular BDSM sites use the same models and they aren't in good shape, they are older, or I have seen them 100 times. I've said it many times that Ogre gets the hottest models on a regular basis, and I don't personally need to see a lot of hard play. Honestly, I just like the squirming they do.

14 Jul 2017 Ogre wrote: @BarristerGFE We have used vibrators on every shoot since we started shooting 17 years ago. Sadism nor masochism are strictly about pain. Domination implies control, and using vibrators on a bound subject is just another form of control. Our scenes have gotten a bit less intense in regards to the more painful aspects of impact play because the culture of adult models has changed much in the last 4 to 5 years. Although BDSM seems to be getting more popular in mainstream culture, BDSM modeling has become something fewer and fewer adult models are willing to do. The models and agents have a very bad taste in their mouths from 10 years of models coming home with bruises and marks and some LA agents now refuse to book BDSM shoots at all. We have to walk a very fine line between creating intensely satisfying content as well as respecting the limits of models and agents. In Ria's case, she was not down for intense pain. She was very interested in being bound and dominated, but every bottom has their limits for pain. IF a model is beautiful and willing to be intensely bound and gagged, we want to capture that experience. I value a bottom's beauty and expressions of helplessness more than her ability to take pain and allow for marks. Aside from the few models who don't worry about marks and enjoy painful scenes, the new standard is a bit lighter than it was 5 and 10 and 15 years ago.

13 Jul 2017 BarristerGFE wrote: The use of vibrators ruins these scenes for me. There is nothing sadomasochistic about a vibrator. It is a pleasure device. "Making the model cum" is not torture, and never will be. This used to be a great BDSM site with whipping, caning, paddling, electrical torture, etc. Now it's just vanilla bullshit. The minute the scene starts to get hot, out comes the vibrator. Utterly ridiculous.

10 Jul 2017 anon wrote: Scene on the bench ruined by "hold this dildo in your mouth" shtick. Lame.

09 Jul 2017 Jacknight wrote: Great tits and great reactions.

07 Jul 2017 GrantH wrote: It's great when they have fabulous natural tits! Ria is definitely hot. Best update in months.

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