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Demi Rouge, Rocky Emerson
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Two ladies this week...First, the charming and ultra sexy Demi Rouge...Ive got her all wrapped up in tight white ropes, and cut her clothes off to reveal that luscious body...It's not long before her legs are spread and I'm having my way...she struggles against the vibrator quite nicely...She gets a nice round of impact for having a bad attitude, but she gets much better as I ram her pussy with our dildo stick..Then a scorching scene with Rocky Emerson...I rope her long, lean, body upright at the ankle, knees, hips, chest and neck...I rig the vibrator to her pussy after whiping her helpless body and Rocky cums for us in a multiple crescendo....Enjoy, Ogre...(Shoot ID: DEM_020519)

Members comments:
11 Feb 2019 Ogre wrote: Yes, that is a hot fantasy. The reality of leaving a model alone in a room while bound just seems a bit unprofessional and on the edge of unsafe, to me. Of course, I would have to discuss it with them, and someone would need to stay in earshot in case they call their safe word. Rigging a vibrator to someone is a slippery slope. In many cases, the model could easily move her hips away from the vibrator and lay there for 15 minutes doing nothing. If she cant, she'll call red when it gets uncomfortable. I can certainly leave the model alone with the vibrator for longer, but often I need to be there to hold it in the right position to make them cum or they don't react and don't cum. Alas, with the right model who is very multiple orgasmic, it could work...I will try to give them more time alone with the vibe though. We make fantasy material, and Im sure we can pull that off. Thanks for the feedback and request.

11 Feb 2019 jon wrote: I really wish you would actually leave them in the room with the vibrator on and a camera on them for like 10 or 15 minutes. Have all the crew leave the area and just leave the camera on. It's hot to think about but no one really ever does it.

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